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Too bad, no room on my walls for these

Have any millionaires ever been executed in the United States?

I'm so going to miss Studio 2

Should Not Be Allowed To Dress Myself

The Hidden Door Company

La belle Madonna?

BowLingual: The Dog Bark Translator

Cat Massage

For the love of Florrie

Match Point

She is One Mean Boss

A Great Photo on Wood s Lot

Yikes! I was Hoping He'd Fabricated All Of It

Got Insomnia?

France Wins!

Some Nice Old Train Posters

MTA Subway Store - Germphobic Specials


Time for a revolution?


I'm still a Sedaris slut, can't help it.

When wrinkles meet pimples

Worldwide Cost of Living Survey 2006: Moscow tops city rankings; Dublin in 18th place


The Notorious MSG

By George, I Think I've Got It!

Trade in hair forces India's children to pay the price

So Long Revue Cinema

Today's Urban Def

My Mum forced cod liver oil on me

RIP Harriet

Annthrax Coulter

Alternative InSPOT E-Cards to Anonymously Inform Your Partners That They Might Have Been Exposed to an STD.

This works for me

Urban Aid: Shame On You Kit

Yard Sale Addict

Coulter or Hitler?

Today's Random Wiki

I Love Amy!

Hockey's Dead. Welcome Back Corrie!

Summer Solstice

I Have A New Job

The Meeting Syndrome, I Know It Well

No Grass To Cut!

Extortr: online blackmail for the masses

Deep in permafrost - a seed bank to save the world


Working poor a 'smouldering crisis'

He Can Afford It - Too Bad He Won't Live Long

Our Flags Are At Half-Mast

Keep Your Legs Crossed, Mes Filles

Secret Agent A-Hole

Louisiana gov. signs law that would ban abortions


Who Is My Baby's Daddy

Modern Toss

Protest In China Closes Cat Meat Restaurant

World Cup Fever Chez Nag

Now he's 64. She doesn't need him, won't feed him either

Max scored 5

Rappin' Dad Was Da Bomb - Fo Rizzle

Cat's Diary

A reading from the Gospel of Left Behind

Fathers Day Rant

T-shirt rip-off

Famous tasting could become film

A Gallery of Bloomsday Cards

Today's Rose


10 Ways to Freak Out Your Date

Hypothetically, what if he were a white man?

The Art and Life of Gil Elvgren

John Singer Sargent's Gassed

Amy Sedaris in The New York Press

North Korea - Loads of Photos

Languages beginning with the Letter Z

KISS coffeehouse

Daily Dancer:

Oink oink

Hello Kitty Tuning

Today's Rose

Big Events on June 12

What's Wrong With This Picture or I'm Glad I am Canadian

Tired of Lame Dad's Day Gifts?

Man 'forced 10 abortions on wife in quest for son'

Guantanamo suicides 'acts of war'

Extreme Diet Coke and Mentos Experiments

The Edukators

Tell Me It Isn't True!

Today's Garden Pic

Today's Urban Def

Chemical used in water bottles linked to prostate cancer

A Party With Fresh New Ideas

Philandering long necked SOBs

Time and Again Reviews for Godless: The Church of Liberalism:

ParisDailyPhoto: A dress to diet for...