Thursday, July 18, 2019

More Tiny Pricks

The Tiny Pricks Project (previously) provides the material record of Trump’s presidency, one stitch at a time. They hope to have 2020 Tiny Pricks by 2020. Trump obligingly continues to provide plenty of virulent fodder for the project.

Should you wear light-colored clothes in hot weather to stay cool?


What do astronauts, brides and Tom Wolfe have in common? They all wear white to keep the heat at bay. Yet Bedouins wear black robes to keep cool in hot deserts. Who's right?
HowStuffWorks takes a look at whether clothing colour affects body temperature and it turns out it's all about the airflow.


Deep in the Estonian forest huge megaphones act as amplifiers to enhance the sounds of birds and waving trees.

Via: Pasa Bon!

"Unpickable" padlock picked in 15 seconds

The manufacturer of the Europa Disc Padlock Picked (Model P-370) advertised it as unpickable. That was before the LockpickingLawyer got his hands on it.

Via Boing Boing

If You Know Me Is To Love Me

Stephanie Boyce has been drawing all her life. Addiction, poverty and mental illness caused many roadblocks on her journey, but at 60 years old she is having her first art show. I love her.

If You Know Me Is To Love Me from HELLER films on Vimeo.