Thursday, January 23, 2020

The Sound Of Berlin

Shot over 6 days this video captures more than 850 original sounds of the city of Berlin.

Kórsafn, music that changes with the weather

Björk has collaborated with Microsoft to create AI-generated music based on on the changing weather patterns and position of the sun.  The composition is called ‘Kórsafn’ which means ‘choir archive’ in Icelandic. It will be played continuously in the lobby of NYC hotel Sister City.

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Negative Harmony Covers Of Classic Rock Songs

Musician Steve Cruickshank replaces the original harmonies on classic rock songs with their mirror image. The result is totally weird and I couldn't stop listening. Here are a couple:

More covers: Geekologie

Emma Willard's Maps of Time

"The Temple of Time" (1846) by Emma Willard 
Source (Cartography Associates: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

Emma Willard (1787–1870) was a leading feminist educator whose maps of time laid the groundwork for the charts and infographics of today.

"Picture of Nations; or Perspective Sketch of the Course of Empire"
(1836) by Emma Willard
Source (Cartography Associates: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0).

Her history and geography textbooks exposed a generation of students to innovative and creative pictures of information that sought to translate big data into manageable visual forms.

More: The Public Domain Review

Gone Curling: A Winter Tale

In 1960 screenwriter Charles Cohen went to Saskatchewan to familiarize himself with the game of curling. He wrote a preliminary script, focusing on a small community preparing for and participating in a bonspiel. After several drafts, it was felt that it would be better to see the game from the perspective of an outsider. The travelling salesman was then introduced into the story.

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