Monday, October 21, 2019

OuijaZilla Unveiled In Salem

 “OuijaZilla,” as it’s affectionately called, weighs 9000 pounds and covers 3168 square feet—as big a footprint as five 18-wheelers. According to Popular Mechanics, the board took 99 pieces of plywood, 20 quarts of black paint, several gallons of deck stain, and one whole year to complete.

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Tweet Of The Day

The Ikea Tarot

Discover the key to inner wisdom with this Ikea tarot deck designed by Akiva Leffert. The deck contains the four suits of the minor arcana: sofas, lamps, dowels, and allen keys as well as a full set of major arcana.

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Stunning Woodblock Prints

These Japanese illustrations are from the original edition of Bijutsu Sekai (1893–1896), a collection of woodblock prints from Kacho-ga artist, Watanabe Seitei (渡辺 省亭, 1851 in Edo – 1918).

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Why are these Indian students wearing boxes on their heads?

(Bhagat Pre-University College/CNN)
Persistent cheating problems at schools in India have led to an anti-cheating experiment where students write exams wearing boxes on their heads that limit their view to their own desk. The school has faced widespread criticism on social media with commenters comparing the treatment of the students to that of animals.

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