Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Tiny cellphones found hidden in a pair of Nikes at detention center

When searching for contraband, officials at Logan County Detention Center in Oklahoma found six tiny cell phones hidden in the soles of a pair of running shoes that were being delivered to an inmate.I didn't know that these mini phones existed. They're kind of adorable.

(Logan County Sheriff's Office)

(Logan County Sheriff's Office)

It is unlikely that the inmate was planning to use the phones to call his mum.

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Students in southwestern Ontario are singing 'O Canada' in Ojibway

The Ojibway translation has a focus on 'loving the land and loving creation and honouring all of creation'

"It makes me feel like they're not forgetting about our culture and who we are as people," said Grade 11 student Tymmiecka Johnson-Greenbird.
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Natural History Museum

A short film by Kirsten Lepore around the theme of “a beautiful future”

Preserving the bullets that killed JFK

New digital replicas of the bullets that killed president John F. Kennedy are true down to the microscopic details.

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Monday, December 09, 2019