Saturday, June 22, 2024

Photograph Of The Day

On May 22 1954, tightrope walkers Berthy Omankowsky and Roger Decugis married on a rope stretched high above the Place du Capitole in Toulouse, France. They were members of the Franco-Czechoslovakian Diables Blancs (White Devils) Company

Photographer Jean Dieuzaide recorded the event on his Rolleiflex while sitting on the shoulders of the bride’s father, Rudolf Omankowski, who was also balancing on a wire. 

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How Will Your City Feel In The Future?

Zoom into the city level to see how these changes affect the way each city feels

Climate scientists say that we’re headed for more than a two degree rise in earth’s temperatures. But for most of us, that’s not really helpful in providing a tangible vision of our future.

The Pudding’s interactive Climate Zone Map looks at 70 global cities, and tracks their classification from present day to 2070, providing a better understanding of how the world will actually feel.

How do they count Covid deaths?

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Cat Art

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