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Food and books, a yummy combination

What did you expect? Leadership on the environment?

A taste of what I'm in for

Bizarro job market

It's Earth Hour Tonight

I'm digging this

Like clothes? Like art?

The Campaign Against Excess Packaging

Now with comments!

Yippee - more snow!

Plastic Bag Animals

Spring has almost sprung (I hope)

This explains a lot.

Carla Does London

Smelly drain may be the fountain of youth. Or not.

Scares the living daylights out of me!

Brava Firenze!

Guys Who Do Housework Get More Sex

Kitchen Gun!



John Lennons Jukebox

Plus ça change...

Let there be light!

He has risen!

Comments? Or not?

Britons can't imagine a life without booze

Andrea Gibson - For Eli

Gay Scientists Isolate Christian Gene

My Mind Is In The Gutter. Is Yours?

Wash those whips first....

Owney the travelling dog

Can't Tase This...



World’s Most Expensive Foods

Dog Years

Ne dites pas ça, c'est sacré!!

The end of the affair

Roll me one with a side of eggs over easy

Forget about peeling me a grape...

I think I'm becoming a font freak

Cooks Illustrated Parody

This is dizzyfying

Yeah, I'm him (said sarcastically)

Here comes the sun!

A little St. Paddy's Day humour

Muppets for grownups

These blankets rule

There once was a nag from...

Dirty Old Town

Ten ways to get kicked off a plane

HolyJuan nails it

What do they put in it?

St Patrick's Day changes for Holy Week but no one told me


Evolution in 5 Minutes

A day late

Et tu Brute

And her clothes fell off....

That's a Lot of Books

I am not surprised

It's definitely not all about the uniform and the hose

Want Skittles?

Sushi Art

Found in Eliot Spitzer's pocket

A rose by any other name...

Where's the beef?

Oops, I'm Doing It Again!

Recycle or go to Hell

Seven Deadly Sins, Hybridized

Streetwalking lawyers

My other dogs


Richard Thompson does Britney

Pimp your ride for Easter

Why International Women's Day matters

Life will be much easier now

A New Career For The Nag


Old Niagara Postcards

At last, help for the blind drunk

Pimp my chicken

It is excellent to have a giant's strength, yes it is

It is a dark and stormy night

Now you don't have to choose between brains and brawn

It could always be worse

Attention ketchup lovers