Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Smelly drain may be the fountain of youth. Or not.

Sewer Gas May Allow For Suspended Animation
Suspended animation — the state that space travelers are always put into in movies so they don't age while traveling for many years — may turn out to actually be possible, and it's a simpler process than you'd expect. Yep, all you need to fall into a deep sleep and not age is a good dose of sewer gas.

This is good news for me. We have a nasty sewer gas odour that oozes periodically from the kitchen drain at the National Historic Site where I work. The plumber, after several visits($$) hasn't been able to determine the source. From now on,when we have classy little hors d'oeuvres events, I'll just explain that breathing in the noxious fumes is better than a nip/tuck . We'd probably see a huge increase in visitors, noses pressed eagerly to the drain.

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