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Unbelievably good idea

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Merry Christmas, I Don't Want To Fight Tonight

I'll make this quick. I only have a few minutes between feedings.

It's a Wonderful Life - Bunnified

First, the boar's head...

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This one really tugged at my heartstrings - for a minute

We are Siamese if you please; we are Siamese if you don't please

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Bacon Scented Bacon Print Tuxedo

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Mr. Nag and I are considering a time share purchase...

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Lots of funny i*** pictures.

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The weather outside is frightful, etc.

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salmonerd to nsynchottie503

What a cute little pink seal!

I only read it for the comments

New Jersey abolishes death penalty

My Business Card Is a Ball of Putty.

Kant attack ad

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Ike Turner Dies at 76

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Let's ensure that these executions were truly the last to take place in Canada

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Travelling by rail in Europe? Choose a turkey to fit your destination.

My kind of Christmas cards

Rock On


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Sadly this is me

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Would you do what you ask your workers to do?