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World’s Smallest Teddy Bear.

Your Dog, the Gourmet

Sympathy For the Devil

Wine Dogs - The Dogs of Australian Wineries

Sock Monkey Wearables

What Art Movement Are You?

Your New Monkey

Selling art once stolen by the Nazis sparks controversy.

Anyone else have this problem?

Listen to "Flowers"

Sorry to Disappoint


'I didn't think I was doing anything serious'

War on Terror, the board game

Red Bull Headquarters


There Goes My Retirement Plan

An Interview with Richard Ford

It's Almost Over For Another Year

In Tiny Courts of N.Y., Abuses of Law and Power

Black wants to be Canadian again

Australian men 'turning into metrosexual tossbags'

Lost and found


Guitarist Etta Baker dead at 93

Commit Random Acts of Literacy

Penis transplant, Hungary and Willy Nelson bust

This Scares Me

Saigon Poster Art - A Growing Collection of Pictures

I'd Say They Deserve Each Other

Thomas Weinberger

This is a great commercial

This Day in History

Avery, You Crack Me Up

With God On Our Side...

U.S. Death Penalty Withering On The Vine

Free Comic Book Ideas

Today's Urban Def

Google Maps Quiz

Fiberglass igloos for homeless penguins

Now Everyone Will Know

49 Up - Trailer

Cigar Box Art

Tom Green's Leg

Bitter Aftertaste

Shanghai Portraits

Uh Oh!

'I'm ready'

Best Bivalves

First spinach, now turtles. What's a girl to eat?

One Million Ways to Die

Itty Bitty Fast Food. How Cute Is That?

Corporate Sacrilege

Metro Neighborhoods Poster Series 2006

It's Talk Like A Pirate Day

If Mozart Had Had Better Health Care

Seems Like A Lot Of Weed To Me

Scott Feschuk's Weekday Update

Calcium supplements useless for strengthening bones

Black asks for charges to be dropped

McDonald's delays food labels

Spoken Word by Ernie Cline

In Spain, thin is so yesterday

Do You Believe?

The Folk Yous

Are They F***ing?

Don't Tell Mr. Nag!

Retro Baby Carriage.


Spinach pulled from shelves

Support needed for working poor

Any old iron? Disused tube carriages being turned into studio space

Wall of White Trash Dolls

Muslim anger builds over Pope's speech

Pope should stay out of Canadian politics

Bush to host talks on Borat

Conservative t-shirts

Babble Helps Keep Gossip Private

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

Interactive Map of Early Modern London

Avery's Art Attacks

The War Prayer

Fortunately he was not killed by a human being

This was more difficult than I thought it would be

DIY Novelty Vegetables

McSweeney's Bit On Air Travel

62,006 - the number killed in the "war on terror"

Ontario to return booze bottles for cash in 2007

The Lego Italian Job

Thanks, Warren, I Feel So Much Better Now

Super(rat)size Me

Poodle Chair

SECRET LOVE- Andie MacDowell and James Joyce