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Our Time Is Up

Beautiful video from Faith 47

Canadians overwhelmingly oppose Iraq war

Drinking wine in the afternoon

Safe As Houses

Take a chance...

Max likes the garden

Call that living?

Star Trek Frasier

Sounds sinister

The Quiet Corners of Paris

Girls In Their Summer Clothes

All the Trimmings

U.S. Supreme Court Shoots Down Weeny Cannon Ban

Hmmm, sounds too familiar

Dogs acting human

For History Buffs Only

A Proustian remembrance of la musique québécoise

When birds attack

Like Rocky but with eight arms!

Ask Martha

Which medications do doctors avoid?


For those who take blogging far too seriously

Rice Paddy Art

Bad Beaver Vase

Internet Meme Timeline

La Saint-Jean-Baptiste

I guess I'm not much of a wife. Oh well.

The Nag Doesn't Not Like Change

If you need a reason...

Change the Margins, Save the World

On This Day

RIP George Carlin

I think he's kinda hot


Fowl creations

A Goya Tour of Madrid

National Aboriginal Day

Whistle Tips?

It must be summer

Christine Sajecki

I Heart This

Whole lotta roses going on

Geeks talking about cookbooks

Logos in their natural habitats

When we examine a nest

This is where even I draw the line!


So You Know

Radical Light

Awesome soviet breakdancing skillz

Geek Humour

A dilemma that speaks to the core of a man!!!

Romano Sings The Hits

A wee bit of Joyce on Bloomsday

Pop vs. Soda Stats

Monsieur A. Dancing Up a Storm

The Souvenir Shop

Blogging or non-blogging?

Creative censorship

Free Photo Booth

More doppelgangers

More of Nag's garden

Create old looking photos in seconds!

Great Lake Swimmers

Friday the 13th Port Dover

It's time this story was told

When Album Covers Attack

Even evil bastard dads deserve a thoughtful Father's Day card.

Get exactly what you deserve

Life Goes On In Tehran

Pastel pussycats

Inspired Landscapes

It's about time