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A little set theory to start your day.

Ahoy, me hearties

She's got the Sistine Chapel sewn up.

My Drive Thru

What's under the lavender?

Marian Bantjes: Love Stories

Iggy Pop - The Passenger

Like animals, like pr0n?

Parcours Saint germain des Près 2008

Buddha Project

Poor Little Pikachu

The splendour of Versailles

Vintage paper craft

Season Of The Witch

Les Animaux Amoureux

Intense Stories

Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison

Off The Map

All in all it's just another mosaic in the wall

The wit and wisdom of David Lee Roth

Oriental lilies


Lost In Translation

Stories Of Burmese Refugees

Misaki Kawai

All The Virtues

My cousin's new blog

Let's hope you never need to know, but if you do...

Retrospective of an over the hill philanderer

Les Paul and Mary Ford

Lou Reed's Berlin

Mid century ship interiors

Stephen Wiltshire, Living Camera

A Flickr set of cartoon noises

Renovating Beijing’s Historic Homes

The Official Communist Party Guide To The 2008 Beijing Olympics

Great Minds Tease Alike

Records with homemade sleeves

Vive le Québec libre!

Alaska: An Unveiled Secret

Bush or Batman?

Rejected New Yorker Cover Art

JR in Paris

Font Fun

Siskel and Ebert Outtakes

Robyn Cumming

Robots are our Friends

Summer on the Brandywine


Dianne Bos Photography

Girls On Wheels

Amend Section 6 of Bill 50


Can anyone help me?

Prevent It

Buddha Collapsed out of Shame

Learned something new today

Official Obama Jokes

5,000 Years of Chairs in 5 Minutes

Four poems about string theory

He's My Man

Picture Paradise

It's all good fun until someone gets raped, drowns or vomits up their liver.

Turn it off!!!

Two Things

Beautiful time lapse

Got a hankering for pedantry?

Are you an old person?

Happy birthday dear Nelson

Building a revolution in Burma

3-D Guernica


Mother liked her white wine

Drunk History

The Stills - Still In Love Song

Pandas invade Paris

Amazing choreography

Superheroes you may not have heard of

How I Roll

10,000 Page Colouring Book

Now we know

How much do you know about cities of the world?

House of Cards

The Teapottery

Two funny conversations

A very pretty flickr set

Banksy Outed?

Eiffel Tower Panorama

A Proud Day In Canadian History

Vive La France!

Francis Bacon

All-Canadian Chucks

The poetry of silence

Gone to the dogs

The battle is over but the war goes on.

The Crusader

Return of the ivory trade

Smoking Etiquette Posters

Street Heat

Never drink alone again

Holy daily photo, Batman!

A British Ghost Town

Communist Utopia

And I say to myself, what a wonderful world