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RIP Lt. Uhura

London Day

Music For Sunday Morning

Sunday Links

Joni Mitchell - Self Portrait 1997

Do You Speak Esperanto?

Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot

Happy Caturday

The Last Movie Stars - Trailer

The Floating Water Bridge

How do painkillers work?

La Maison Sculptée

An 'Invisible House' In the Desert

A Rare Old Photography Studio For Sale

Stray - Tilt Shifted

An Honest Liar: The Life Story Of James Randi

My Cat, Carmen

Porcelain Unicorn

'Punk rock flophouse'

Distilled Oreos

Blue Island Trailer

Opera spoilers

The Story Of Anthrax Island

No Room to Rhumba In a Sports Car

Image of the Day

On Gossamer Wings


AI Weirdness

Talking Chins

Well-Armed Peasants

Photo Blending

Old But Bold

Sunday Links

Music For Sunday Morning

Frank Lloyd Wright's Imperial Hotel

Cursed Bowl Of Fruit

Happy Caturday

If Famous Painters Had Company Logos

Whoever invented this can go straight to hell

Lego set based on The Office

Happy Friday!

Photo Of The Day

James Webb Space Telescope zooms in on the Southern Ring Nebula

Surfer Negotiates His Way Through A Human Obstacle Course

Stair-Climbing Wheelchair

How to program a robot dog to teach itself to walk in just one hour.

Image of the day

Angel Origami From Single Sheet of Paper

Bathing Machines

It's Going To Be A Scorcher today

Painting of the Day

Old Farmer (1929)

From Acorn to Oak Tree

The Rehearsal | Official Trailer

If The Beatles Were A 90s Grunge Band

Runners and Their Shadows

The Strangest Bus Ever Built?

Another Nelson Mandela Link

Princess Walking

On This Day

How Does Venice Work?

The Wormhole

Talking Heads Performing 'Life During Wartime' (1983)

Chinese Dragon Boat Festival

Music For Sunday Morning

The Shed Door

Sunday Links

Beluga Whale Live Cam Event


Peruvian Whistling Vessels

How to Survive a Snake Bite

Tree House

The Finding of Pier Paolo Pasolini's Body

App Allows Users To See Ancient Statues In Original Colour