Sunday Links

Cylinder Homes by Guy Dessauges, 1966 Sadly they never got past the scale model stage. (photo above)

Titanic Survivor Interviews

Absurd Trolley Problems (via Memo Of The Air

The Unhealthiest Dog Breeds - I had three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels who all died too early of mitral valve disease. Each time our hearts were broken. Though no beloved pet lives long enough I am now a strong proponent of mixed breed dogs. 

I love IKEA Hacks. Here are 10 good ones.

The Statue of Liberty’s disembodied arm stood in Madison Square from 1876 to 1882 to help inspire contributions. 

Pruning the Movies - a film censorship satire (1915)

"They were the kind of thing you'd keep on your desk next to the inkwell and blotting paper"  A collection of pocket globes.

They'd rather die than have universal healthcare: American Men Are Sicker, Die Earlier Than Their Global Peers

It began with a couple of slices of bread: Sandwiches of History

"He fixes the viewer with an intense stare, the right side of his face in shadow and his left ear clearly visible". Hidden Van Gogh self-portrait found behind painting in Scotland

I love these mini monuments to big memories made from trash.

Homes of the Future: modern, minimal, and futuristic homes that could exist in different environments through the power of CGI and Architectural Visualization.

My Christmas shopping has just been made easier. I hope everyone likes  their Bubble Wrap Tissues.

A Toronto man is alive because of the heroic efforts of five men who risked their lives to save him. (via Memo Of The Air)

On a mission to make marketing great again: Best Ads Of All Time 

This Precision Packaging Machine reduces waste.