Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Saul Alinsky's Lesser Known Rules for Radicals

When I was studying social work Alinsky's book about organizing to wrest power from the elite and give it back to the people was considered essential reading. It changed my way of looking at the system. Here is a lighthearted takeoff on 'the father of modern American radicalism'.

Rule 23: Always separate your cause buttons for easier reading.

Rule 24: Layer for warmth.

Rule 25: "Birth of a Nation" is a great pre-action psych-up film no matter the political faction.

Rule 26: Beer before liquor, never been sicker. Liquor before beer, yo
u're in the clear. Also, vomit is an acceptable protest projectile.

Rule 27: Ridicule is the most potent weapon you can use as a commenter on Brooklyn Vegan.

Rule 28: By substituting a Panera Bread's Half Smoked 
Turkey Breast Sandwich on Country Miche with Steak Chili for full Frontega Chicken Panini on Focaccia, you'll save 370 calories.

Rule 29: Picking a widely held nugget of conventional wisdom and then constructing an essay all about why it is completely wrong is good for page views.

More rules at The Awl

The London Library after the Blitz. Some 6 million...

Some 6 million rare books burned down in the fire that raged through the bookmaker’s district near St. Paul’s after an air raid struck it.


A touching tribute to a much loved 1972 Ford 3000 tractor.

Thanks Bruce!

Speakeasy Prohibition Preparedness Kit

Tyler School of Art design student Nick Dunlap has created the Prohibition Preparedness Kit. You know just in case.

Test Tube Chandelier by Pani Jurek

I love this chandelier made of test tubes by Polish designer Pani Jurek.

It's available here for $180US
Via Trendland

East-Central Saskatchewan Cheshire Cat

I think STUBBLEJUMPIN' GAL's photo of Babette looks very Cheshire Cat-ish.

A Lion In The House

They must have had a humungous kitty litter box!

Neil the lion lived with actress Tippi Hedren and her family (including actress daughter Melanie Griffith) in the '70s. Hedren created the Shambala Preserve for exotic big cats. Ironically their mission is "to educate the public about the dangers of private ownership of exotic animals". 

More photos at theCHiVE Via Uncertain Times

A Roman Village In China - a History Mystery

Did a lost Roman Legion lay down roots in China's Gansu province on the fringes of the Gobi Desert? DNA tests conducted in 2007 have shown 56 per cent of the residents are Caucasian in origin.

In 55 BC, Marcus Licinius Crassus led a Roman army into Parthia, what is now north-eastern Iran. In what has become known as the battle of Carrhae, his army was annihilated - or so it was thought at the time.Ten years later, Chinese Imperial histories record capturing a mercenary army of white soldiers fighting for the Parthians. The Roman testudo formation is described in detail, as is the strange fact that they have white skin and blue/green eyes, and even a Chinese transliteration of the the word "Legion" is recorded as "Lee Chian".That army is then settled by the Han emperor in a remote region of Gansu.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Artist Tim Doyle Re-Imagines Pop Culture Locales

Tim Doyle's Unreal Estate puts his own spin on pop culture locations.

From Moe’s Tavern to the Bluth Banana Stand, Doyle’s realistic and illustrative reinterpretations of television’s most iconic places is a captivating voyage. In the artists words, “Unreal Estate’ is a collection of locations that many of us know and have been to on a weekly basis at times, but can never actually visit. These places are in our memories transmitted and entrenched there through a cathode-ray tube. Some of us have been going to these places for decades, some of these places were taken from us, way too soon.”
Via Laughing Squid


The thing I like about wine is that it turns me into a fun animal. Corkers push pins transform your wine corks into fun animals to keep you company when you are getting blotto. Cute.


World Fair, Paris, 1900

Lovely photos of the Exposition Universelle of 1900 in Paris.

 All images from Brooklyn Museum

See many more at Retronaut

Friday, January 27, 2012

London Cafeterias 50s – 60s

I'm off to London next week and would love to drop into one of these swinging cafes but I worry that I might not fit in because "a square in the wrong hole is just not dug".
Via swissmiss

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Recreation of "Bathers at Asnieres"

The Olympic Park’s artist in residence, Neville Gabie, has created his own version of the ‘Bathers at Asnieres’ as part of the Olympic Delivery Authority's (ODA's) Art in the Park program.
Neville Gabie's version of ‘Bathers at Asnieres’ is called 'Freeze Frame'

‘Bathers at Asnieres’ by Georges Seurat

Link via Londonist

Zombie Duvet Set

Via I Have Seen The Whole Of The Internet

A video tour of Salvador Dali’s home

Via Dangerous Minds

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Scott Garner Interactive Still Life

Scott Garner's “Still Life” is an interactive gallery piece that uses a motion-senstive frame to feed realtime tilt data to a 3D traditional still life painting transforming it into the fourth dimension.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Sparrow Joins The Band

Josh Williams and the band get a surprise during their set at the Doyle Lawson Bluegrass Festival in North Carolina.

Thank you Bruce!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Neat multiplication visualization


RIP Auntie Sheila

You may not hear from me much over the next week or so. I'm getting ready to head off to Montreal to say goodbye to my dear Aunt Sheila who passed away early this morning. I will be remaining there for a bit to clear out her apartment and do all the paperwork necessary to settle the estate.
She was generous and funny and my strongest advocate when I was growing up. I'm going to miss her.

How to Make Proper Tea

Very cute via my cousin John.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Yearlong Time-Lapse Video of a Bike Locked to a Post in Manhattan

Get a bike. Lock it to a post. Take a pic every day for a year.

Via Laughing Squid

New York City's Secret Subway Station

Did you know that this beautiful vaulted subway station exists under the streets of New York City? I didn't.  Designed by Rafael Guastavino in 1900 the City Hall Station opened in 1904 but closed in 1945 because it was neither convenient nor popular.

Via Double Takes

Hypnotised Rabbits

In 1954 Irene Burton hypnotized her dwarf rabbits using her hands and eyes to immobilize them, apparently "astounding experts". I can't help but wonder why.

Via Miss C Recommends

The Truth About Corsets

Did women in the 1800s corset themselves so tightly they reduced their waists to just 13-inches? Did the use of corsets cause hysteria? Are corsets making a comeback? Find out everything you need to know about this undergarment at Collectors Weekly.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Office Colds And The Heroes Who Perpetuate Them

This is how office colds start:

Read about the office hero, download a common cold flow chart and learn a bit about prevention at The Awl

Map Of South London’s Black Music Landmarks

A map of major black music landmarks in South London — from venues and record shops to street corners and radio stations — has been created for the South London Black Music Archive (SLMBA), which explores the fascinating history and influence of black music south of the river.
Click for larger image
Via Londonist

Lillian Russell's Travelling Trunk

In 1912 actress Lillian Russell designed this traveling trunk to take with her on tour. It's like a dressing room on wheels complete with cosmetics, mirrors and light fixtures.
Via Futility Closet

Explore your world with Google Maps

Via Notcot

Miss representation

This is a powerful message.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Eel Pie Island

Eel Pie Island on the River Thames was the location of a club started by sociologist Arthur Chisnall  to help troubled youth. Musically, the club started out as a jazz club but its “somewhat rakish reputation” increasingly attracted London’s growing rock ‘n roll scene hosting The Rolling Stones, Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Bowie, Rod Stewart, Pink Floyd, The Who and Pink Floyd, among a host of others.

The club closed in 1967 but not before making its mark on the rock and roll scene of the day.

Read more at Mind Hacks

Common Cranes Fly Over Venice

Common cranes have been hand-reared to fly alongside a microlight to capture these lovely images.
For more information about the series visit http://www.earthflight.co.uk
For more information about John Downer Productions visit our website:http://www.jdp.co.uk
Thanks Bruce!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kathryn Clark's Foreclosure Quilts

Artist and former urban planner Kathryn Clark created a series of graphic quilts based on maps of home foreclosures. They are meant to illustrate the affect of the financial crisis. Foreclosed lots are shown as holes in the quilts. The lot locations are completely random and they yield an unexpected beauty when laid out on fabric.

Toronto Photo

This photo makes me feel sad. It's called Bird Feed.

Photo byYedman

Vote for it at Blog TO photos of the week

Bridge Is Famous For Dog Suicides

Since the 1950s dogs have been hurling themselves from Overtoun Bridge in Scotland at the rate of one dog per month, many dying when they hit the waterfalls 50 feet below. Most of the jumpers are long-snouted breeds and it is suspected that they are drawn by the irresistible scent of mink urine.

Link Via Today I Learned Something New

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Crow Sledding Down a Roof

I've never seen anything like this. He's probably practicing for the Avian Olympics.

Link Via Cathy Gildiner's FB

Thursday, January 12, 2012


New pill that 'helps you to stay fit without exercise'

Researchers claim to have created the pill, which they claim provides all the same benefits of exercising without the exertion.They claim that a hormone naturally found in muscle cells that triggers the calorie-burning benefits of exercise, may have potential as an obesity-fighting drug.
The newly identified hormone, called irisin, increases in the body during exercise, boosting energy expenditure and controlling blood glucose levels.
Doctors warn that the pill should not be used to replace exercising. Yeah right!

RIP Eastenders' Pat Butcher

I haven't watched Eastenders in years but Pat Butcher was one of my favourite characters. Hip hop artist Jester Jacobs honours her with a 7-minute tribute.

“The words you are about to hear were not written, they poured out of my soul. Most of this was done in one take since the emotion is still so raw.”

Via Londonist

Turn A Lemon Into A Spray Bottle

Stem is a clever device that sprays lemon juice evenly on foods. Coming soon.

Link Via Kottke

Robert De Niro’s Taxicab License, 1975


Tobias Till's London A-Z

London artist Tobias Till has created a box set of 27 limited edition linocuts showing different views of the capital, one for each letter of the alphabet, from the Albert Memorial to London Zoo.
See them at this link

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Top 10 helpful apps when traveling!

The 21st century phones aren’t always just phones. They’re small computers where you can store your whole life on. They’re also great tools for when you’re traveling.
See the apps Here

Fellini’s Fantastic TV Commercials

Did you know Federico Fellini made commercials? Open Culture posted a number of them including this one he made for Campari:

Mark Rothko-Inspired Cookies

I am a fan of Mark Rothko's art and I also like these sweet creations.

Mimi O. Chun, design director of General Assembly, recently created these Rothko-inspired cookies that have his signature "multiform" style (or blocks of varied colors).

Champagne Chairs

This is the perfect craft for a champagne aficionado like me.

Link Via Fancy

Gold Mourning Ring

This enamelled gold mourning ring commemorates the death of Samuel Nicholets of Hertfordshire who died on 7th July 1661, as is recorded in the inscription inside the ring. The ring is hollow, and a lock of hair curls around within it, visible through the openwork of the enamelled decoration of skulls and coats of arms.

La Vie D'un Chien

Given the opportunity would you choose to live as a dog? What if you were a lonely scientist with a friend like Sylvie?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Artist Censored over Putin Painting

Me, I think Putin looks great as "The Queen Of Russia". Others were not so keen on the painting.
Danish artist Peter Ravn painted "Queen of Russia" in Hanoi, Vietnam in November 2011, as part of the Emergency Room Exhibition. "Queen of Russia" was rejected by the censorship committee in Hanoi and not allowed to be displayed. The painting shows Putin in the dress and jewels worn by Empress Maria Feodorovna, former Princess Dagmar of Denmark. If Putin is re-elected in 2012 his presidency can continue until 2024. His reign of Russia will then amount to 24 years, longer than that of many kings and queens. Lately, Russia has passed increasingly homophobic laws and Russians have been demonstrating in the streets against Putin's rule. See also http://peterravn.com/

Thanks Bruce.

LEGO Marriage Proposal

I'm a sucker for cute novelty marriage proposals. This one is sweet.

Via Flavorwire

Fotoshop, the world's best beauty product

When you've given up on reality there's always Adobé.

Via Kottke

Life of flowers

This lovely video has me thinking ahead to spring and days spent digging in the dirt. Bring it on!

Via Holy Kaw!

WWII Bomber Jackets

This Flickr set by D. Sheley features the personalized leather jackets of World War 2 bomber crews.
Via Blort

Monday, January 09, 2012

How to Choose A Musical Instrument

I found this on my friend Megan's Facebook page. She is a fabulous singer!

Apparently I should play the bassoon.

Books That Should Be Movies

For every book that's been made into a film, there are thousands just waiting in literature limbo for someone to give them some cinematic love. There are some good suggestions made here. I have always thought that A Confederacy of Dunces would make an excellent film and I heard somewhere that John Candy was considering making the film and casting himself as Ignatius. I also think Oryx and Crake would translate well to the screen.

More at UGO.com
Thanks Bruce.

Chicken and Waffle Wings

It’s no secret that chicken and waffles taste amazing together, but why should you have to deal with two foods sitting separately side by side when you can just combine them into one delicious handheld snack?

Instructions at DudeFoods Via Now That's Nifty

Skateboard Graveyard

The Hungerford Bridge "Skateboard Graveyard" in London commemorates the lives and deaths of skateboards.