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Illuminations de Noël à Paris

'I'm Not There': Dylan by any other name

Hey, it's not rocket science, dudes.

I read this tshirt and it spoiled everything

Ho, Ho, Noooooo!

As if!

Jim Dupree: Chips Enthusiast

Salsa Celtica

Death on a Plate

Who knew?

How Moral Are You?

The Nag is a cover girl!

Don't call any of these if you're hungry now

Don't let the sun go down on me

Canada vs America

Blogs End. Awesomeness Doesn’t.

Desiderata for bloggers

Left Wing Fun

Buy Nothing Day

Oxymoronic List


It's a Hit

Hollywood celebs in solidarity with striking writers

Who Smells?

A fowl rap video for my American friends

Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows 2007

2008 Shaw Festival Films

Visiting the UK? Watch out for exploding bladders!

Mmmmm Meat!

I want to (insert verb here) with the animals

Bind my Kewpie

My needles are clicking

I'm back

The Predatory Lending Association (PLA)

Drinking green

Calling all hoarders

Flocking Starlings

How Open Minded Are You?

Where would we be without rubber bands and velcro?

Coen Brothers Slide Show

Looking for a place to eat tonight?

Remembrance Day Posters

You have issues with food? Stay home!

LOLinate me!

At a loss for the right word?

Decorating with meat, cake, stuffed squirrels and more

Arthur Bremer, Model For Taxi Driver Assasin, Is Freed

Happy Birthday Rolling Stone!

A blog about a dead bird

Connie hates Peter... and his silly hat

Which Stella trailer is your favourite?

Automatic Dog Washer

If you film it…

Works of philatelic art

Darth Vader In Love


I must have one!


"Happy Counterterrorism Day"

Lord Crumwell's Oddfellows

Fast-forward through the boring parts of life

I'm mad yet well-beloved

I'm thinking of blogging less and bocking more

Naughty Fairies


Washoe the chimpanzee has died

The most expensive junk food

The History Of LOLCats

Amazing! That's exactly what I was before I became a wastrel!

Where have all the children gone?