Sunday, January 30, 2005

Alright, I'm Hooked

When I was a little girl my grandmother used to watch "Coronation Street" or as she called it, "Corrie". She'd talk about Ena Sharples (the weird looking one with the hairnet) and the other denizens of the Street as if they were her next door neighbours. Indeed it was often hard to tell whether the latest scandal she was recounting occurred in Lachine or in Weatherfield and I suspect that was the key to the show's appeal. You wouldn't have caught me watching it then and you won't find me missing it now. I suppose Niagara on the Lake harbours its share of "characters" but at my stage of the game I'd rather toss back a snootful in front of the telly than risk evisceration along with my pint. Our local pub,the Angel Inn, drips charm but it's a far cry from the Rovers with all its intrigues and confrontations. I am pleasantly surprised at the closet Corrie watchers who are choosing to come out of the woodwork. Mr. Nag informs me that there are even "hardcorries" at his firehall although they'll remain anonymous as some are not yet out of the closet.

Angel Inn

Coronation Street

Friday, January 28, 2005

Casino Outing

I'm just back from the Niagara Falls Casino. No, I haven't developed yet another vice. It was supposed to be an outing with a great group of women I worked with on a health care project last year. We all come from diverse backgrounds but got along famously. Some of us met at the Casino buffet restaurant before Christmas and were hoping to get all six of us together tonight. Unfortunately only two of the six made it. The other woman who showed up is a former politician and I worked as a political assistant for many, many years and so, although we are on different ends of the ideological spectrum, we had a great chat about our experiences in the political fray and both admit we miss being in the loop - our insider gossip is getting pretty old. We got to gorge on shrimp and fabulous desserts, though, and the view of the Falls is second to none.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

My Favourite Freebie

I'm like Steve Martin in that movie where he gets all revved up when the new phone book is delivered - I love my Food and Drink magazine - free at the liquor store. It has great food, drink and even decor and music recommendations. It's a far cry from the old days when alcohol was not displayed at the LCBO; we had to fill out a form and a clerk would scurry off to fetch a bottle from a back room. Buying a bottle of wine then seemed somehow sinister and clandestine and that wasn't a good thing. I doubt that privatization would improve the service or selection - I've been to Alberta and it was hard to find a decent wine selection. Apparently most people there drink beer and rye (not necessarily together). Keep our LCBO public - they're doing a great job.

Ontario's Store

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Low Expectations - Pleasantly Surprised

I kept hearing about the movies Before Sunrise and Before Sunset but had no interest in seeing anything starring Ethan Hawke. However, after recommendations from a couple of people I respected, I broke down, rented them and am glad I did. The first movie is about two young people who meet on a train and spend a night walking around Vienna. The sequel takes place nine years later and is filmed in Paris in real time. The two cities are the real stars of these movies. Before Sunset has been nominated for a screenplay Oscar and rightly so because the film is the dialogue. These are romantic films that ring true - ideal for Valentines Day. Ultimately I felt that I knew Jesse and Celine and, surprisingly, I liked them.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Let it Snow

We're expecting 30cm of snow tonight but Mr. Nag and I are prepared. We've got a bottle of Powers and a decent Cotes du Rhone, a library of great books and movies, good music and some salmon for dinner. Life is good.

Snow in Niagara

Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Dogs

Mr. Nag has asked for photos of the love sponges: Max is a giant sized flat coated retriever sprung from the pound; Katie is a tiny, old but nonetheless dominant bitch. She's in soft focus to disguise the laugh lines.

Max in the snow.

Katie the ancient Cavalier King Charles spaniel.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Lots of photos of our last trip to Paris

View of Paris from le Printemps department storePosted by Hello

the Seine Posted by Hello

montmartre grocery Posted by Hello

cluny bodies Posted by Hello

cluny heads Posted by Hello

a closer view of sacre coeur Posted by Hello

I'm so clever!

Looks like I'm getting the hang of this. Most of these photos were taken with a one use digital.

musee d'orsay (former train station) Posted by Hello

rodin's le penseur Posted by Hello

cafe in Giverny Posted by Hello

Promenade Plantee, an inner city haven built on top of a former railway line

promenade plantee on top of railway tracks Posted by Hello

au nom de la rose Posted by Hello

graffiti cat Posted by Hello

notre dame cathedral Posted by Hello

Photos - my blog's raison d'etre

Pictures of Paris and environs coming soon...I think.