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Photograph Of The Day

The Zip Tie Story

Box of Broken Dreams - a repost from 2009

The Midnight Parasites (1972)

A fairytale wooden world

Old Kimono Transformed


That Golden Time

Promo photos for The Swans


Apocalypse Animated: When the Fire Comes Down

Copenhagen 1935 Remastered

Art that you can eat for lunch

Because she’s a blonde

Sunday Links

Music For Sunday Morning

How to Finger Paint an Octopus

Drone Delivery

Kim Gordon raps her shopping list

Baby Goats Frolicking In Slow Motion!

Gun Crazy (1950)

A Refrigerator From 1963

Planned Obsolescence: The Cardboard Bernini

Winter In Aizu

Tempest in a Teapot

Letter of the day

Paintings On Stones

You Could Die Of Hunger Before You Receive These Croquettes

I wonder if it’s wireless

The Crown Auction

Worried Mother Cat Takes Her Kittens To a Shelter

Tom Petty: Somewhere You Feel Free - The Making of Wildflowers

Map of Places Mentioned in Red Hot Chili Peppers Songs

Dollar Pizza Documentary

Joel Meyerowitz - Dialogues

Tokio Jokio


Domestic Objects: Past and Presence Photographs

Making gigantic matches

TV series recalls better times in Shanghai

Hanina Ranina

London Soho, 1956. AI Enhanced.

Squirrel Takeaway Window

Floral Macro Timelapse