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A London Day

The Book of (Hipster) Job

Linda's Film About Menstruation: An Intentionally Funny '70s Filmstrip

Paper City: Urban Utopias

Phlox and coneflowers

Building Rome in a Day

World's Fastest Everything

Faking the Rorschach

Killers Kill, Dead Men Die

Thank You For Smoking

Lives of Emoticons

Animal Collective

Photograph of Jesus

Ghost of Stephen Foster.


I wish you could smell these


The Sparky Book by Mary Lewis

Girls are not chicks. Girls are thinkers, creators, fighters, healers and superheroes.

Invading The Vintage

Eric by Shaun Tan

Fifty Years of the Hovercraft

Fruit By The Foot Ad


Today's Garden

Smoking In The Peloton

The best film titles ever made

SMELL THE GLOVE: An Art Show Dedicated to Spinal Tap

How do you say swine flu in Spanish?

Who Put the Benzadrine in Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine?

Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer?


Alnwick Poison Gardens

Little people for Coolidge

The Avenging Unicorn Playset

Man Not Superman

Diane Arbus

Augmented Businesscard

Jacquelyn Royal, Artist

The words of God do not justify cruelty to women

The moon landing story they don't want you to know!

I got 100% and finished with time to spare

Today's garden

The Collected Wisdom of Angela Chase

Tantalus Dinner by Ioli Sifakaki

Album Covers Map

The abandoned attractions

My Influences


Anyone else disturbed by this?

William S. Burroughs

I Want You to Follow My Husband on Twitter

Office 2010: The Movie

The Ettes - Dead and Gone

Thomas Pynchon Fridge Magnet Set