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It’s not called the wheel. It’s called the carousel.

Why do we have leap years?

Largo do Carmo

How To Spot AI-Generated Video

1959, the Year that Changed Jazz

The Zone Of Interest - Trailer

Petograph of the Day

I Was a Fake Boy Scout

Analog House

First Swim

The Boston Typewriter Orchestra Goes Electric

Join or Die - Trailer

Photo Of The Day

Private Jet Villa

Every Single Frame

Harlem Fashion Scenes in 1950

Inheritance - The Lockerbie Collection

Cats are jerks


The “Canned Ham” Radio

Sunday Links

Music For Sunday Morning

A Blogation

Sunday Links

Music For Sunday Morning

Happy Caturday

Florence As It Was

Making Pastry

Wondrous Boy - Donna Dunlop

Cherry Blossoms in Shizuoka, Japan

YouTube 10th anniversary video compilation

Inside Pop: The Rock Revolution

Don’t worry about a thing

Take Her Around the World for Valentine’s Day…Without Ever Leaving the Kitchen (A repost)

Visible Mending

what life is like for polar bears in a warming world.

Batman Sings Bohemian Rhapsody and does a damn good job of it

Chameleon Bursts Into Colour just before death

Wild Magnolias

St. Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

World’s Fastest Shed

Max Beckmann Goes For A Walk (Ellen Harvey 2022)

Painting Of The Day

Photograph Of The Day - A Monkey’s Mask

The Beatles - I'm Only Sleeping

Sunday Links

Music For Sunday Morning

Istanbul, Where the Art and History of Three Great Empires Come Together

The Art Of Building