Sunday, February 25, 2024

Sunday Links

Image: KÖR Kunst

Do you think Vienna’s $2 million water fountain (above) the ugliest in the world? Many people are critical of its aesthetic.

Rotating house for sale in New Zealand can rotate continuously like a carousel.

I meet the proposition with unutterable scorn and contempt” A letter from a freed slave to his former owner’s wife.

A lovely archive of modern illustration from 1950-1975 (thingsmagazine)

How to Succeed with Brunettes, 1967. 

In search of the last saola, an animal last photographed in 2013.

The most iconic nose injuries in the history of (crime) film. (via everlasting blort)

Hybrid Cities A mashup of iconic places, skyscrapers, climates and world powers. (Moscanbul, Rio Londoneiro and more)

Woodblock prints known as namazu-e are rooted in a myth that earthquakes were caused by the movements of a great catfish (public domain review)

An opera diva, a queen of surveillance and Selfridges’ ‘secret service’ head were among the women who rivalled male private eyes but were written out of history. A new book tells their stories.

A small town in Alberta, Canada, is the self-proclaimed "World Capital of Dinosaurs". 

Ballerina on the Boat, with choreography help from members of the Bolshoi.(via perfect for roquefort cheese)

The Street Names of Budapest: A mapped analysis of who Budapest's streets and public spaces were named after and what this reveals about the city's history.

Brothers dancing in sync Siblings dancing and-roller-skating.


  1. Anonymous5:38 pm

    I wonder how much on the $1.8 million for the fountain was the infrastructure for any new fountain. While I don’t find particularly attractive the city doesn’t need another look alike fountain. I don't think the problem is due to different, I think it's due to crude.

    The ”How to Succeed with Brunettes” is a little chauvinistic for 1966. Maybe because it was created and approved by men a generation or two older than the target audience.

    The Japs are smart when disaster strikes. Instead of the wailing, gnashing of teeth, and invoking deities, they say Catfish and get on with recovery.

    1. I think the fountain is hideous.