Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Stunning 3D Flyover of Mars

Finnish filmmaker, Jan Fröjdman, has taken stills of Mars taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter over 18 years and stitched them together into a video.

Nostalgia In Everyday Moments

"Showcasing the beauty in the ordinary is my way of injecting some nostalgia into a world that is always trying to go faster and grow bigger." - Gemini H

France-based illustrator Gemini H uses coloured pencils to evoke nostalgia for the elegance of bygone times.

"Youth & Aging" Tales Of Mere Existence

I came across this today in my Facebook Memories from 2009 and thought I'd repost it.

Pup Brings Old Deaf Dog In From Outside

John Hakari trained his young border collie to retrieve her older deaf collie sister from the outdoors whenever needed and upon command. I have a very old deaf dog. I wonder if I could train the cat to fetch her. Probably not.

Break It Up - Remembering Tom

Patti Smith posted the song that she and Tom Verlaine composed for Horses in 1975.

Info you will probably never use

Via  Memo Of The Air

Monday, January 30, 2023

Photograph Of The Day


London Wisteria

The Corkscrew

This sounds like fun: Korketrekkeren is a 2 km toboggan run in Oslo. At the end of a run, you can take a 16-minute metro ride back up for another go.

Miss Thailand's Soda Tab Dress

A Miss Universe contestant honored her upbringing in a unique way. Anna Sueangam-iam, Miss Thailand, wore a dress made out of soda tabs as a nod to her parents—her father is a garbage collector and her mother works as a street sweeper in Bangkok.

World's Longest Wingsuit Proximity Flight

GoProAwards recipient Fred Fugen, Vincent "Veush" Cotte, + Aurélien "Bras Noir Chatard performed the longest terrain-flying wingsuit line in history—traveling an incredible 7.5km over the stunning landscape of Mont Blanc.

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Sunday Links

"Drumthwacket," Moses Taylor Pyne House, 354 Stockton Road, Princeton, New Jersey. Temple at upper pond, 1911

A lovely collection of  Magic Lantern Slides of American Gardens  taken by American photographer Frances Benjamin Johnston c. 1910 (via Memo Of The Air)

Here's a Photographical History Game for your Sunday morning entertainment. (I seem to excel at it.)

Sometimes we can all use a little reassurance that things are going to be okay. Supportive cat comics

"If you listen carefully, you can hear the child’s disembodied cry drifting through the air across the cemetery lawn." The Case of the Devil's Baby of Ravenswood (via Things Magazine)

Bumps in the Road: Photos of a bike trip from the Himalayas to Istanbul (Via The Morning News)

Great, now I have something else to worry about as I toss and turn at night. 

This clock, designed by artist Siren Elise Wilhelmsen, knits one two-meter long scarf every 365 days.

Never before seen photos of the Beatles1964: Eyes of the Storm is Paul McCartney's photographic journal of The Beatles tour of six cities during the height of Beatlemania.

The pasta sauce that was named after a pasta-bashing fascist futurist.

Photobooth.net is the most comprehensive photobooth resource on the internet.

Film credits acknowledge the hard work and skills of both on-screen and behind-the-scenes personnel. Mama Scorsese's meatballs and sauce recipe might be one of 

What Was Hiroshima Like Before the Atom Bomb?: The largest known photographic archive of Hiroshima before the United States detonated an atomic bomb  came from Hiroshima Studio, run by Wakaji Matsumoto.

A man with three legs, a vintage car scaling a building, and an unsettling formation of people donning bird masks are a few of the scenarios highlighted in the terrifically bizarre Wonders of Street View. (Via Colossal)

Cult filmmaker John Waters gives tours of his Baltimore homes (1986 and 2014) They are as eclectic as you might expect.

Ljubljana has never been on my travel radar but this architectural trip through the capital of Slovenia makes me want to go there.

There are thirty or more odd little islands around New York City, all mostly uninhabited or privately owned and strictly off limits, some with peculiar histories. New York's  Radio Island

Copy Dennis is a tribute to all the creators who have taken a little bit too much inspiration from his website. (via The Morning News)

This Maine home can stay 70F without a furnace, even when it's freezing outside. 

This performer gave a truly electrifying performance

Ancient Egyptians bonded so well with their cat companions that they mourned their pets after death by shaving off their eyebrows.

Music For Sunday Morning

 La Bien Querida - De Momento Abril

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Illustrated People

Paris-based artist, Thomas Mailaender, imprinted these photographic images onto people’s skin by shining a UV light through negatives.The images are temporary and disappear when exposed to light.

Via Kottke

Special effects of bygone days

The special effects shown in these clips are by Karel Zeman, a Czech film director, artist, animator, and production designer.
via  Boing Boing

Love from George of England


Man Frees Trapped Moose

When Kirk Barharn of Princeton, BC spotted a moose trapped in a wire fence he sprang into action and freed it in just three minutes, using his bare hands.

CBC News

Friday, January 27, 2023

Toddler Gets First Pair Of Glasses

 There's a whole new world out there!

Wearable Bean Bag Pillow

Yay or nay? The wearable bean bag pillow comes in 3 sizes and multiple colors so your whole family can lounge about in synchronized fashion (about $120 usd).

More: Spoon&Tamago

A Tour of Grand Central Terminal (2018)

Historian and author Anthony W. Robins and journalist Sam Roberts of the New York Times take us on an architectural tour of Grand Central Terminal. See the underground walkways, whispering gallery, Oyster Bar restaurant, Campbell Apartment, Pershing Square, and more.

Canadian Colour

Canadian Colour is a collection of digitally colourized historical Canadian photographs. Each photo has a write-up.

Sour-Dough Alley, Rossland, B.C. c.1895

Member of the Ku Klux Klan outside their headquarters, Vancouver, Nov. 1925

Dominion Tires Studebaker

(Thanks Bruce!)


Niagara Moon was a big hit for the Lincoln County Peach Pickers, Eric Goerz and Johnny Harder. The St. Catharines area band was part of Niagara's lively local musical scene in the 1950s.

Via the Ontario Traditional Music Library Facebook Page

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Image Of The Day

Artist Yoyoi Kusama, Queen of Dots, has given Harrods a new look!

Image: LundonLens

Marlowe Film Trailer

I read all of Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe crime fiction novels when I was a teenager and later watched the movies based on the books with various stars (Humphrey Bogart, Robert Mitchum, Elliott Gould, and James Garner) playing Marlowe. A friend silkscreened a t-shirt for me with an image of Marlowe wearing a fedora and smoking a cigarette, captioned 'Not peculiar, just uninhibited'.  In a new film directed by Neil Jordan, Liam Neeson plays the hardboiled detective and Jessica Lange is his co-star. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

via Open Culture

An Ethical Dilemma

How do we determine the value of a life, whether human or non-human?

Popsicle Stick Queen Anne

YouTuber, Guldies, demonstrates how popsicle sticks, a few tools, and some attention to detail can build a charming home, influenced by Queen Anne-style architecture.

via the kid should see this


The art installation Masstransiscope by Bill Brand was created for the enjoyment of  New York City subway passengers. Based on a zoetrope, it consists of a series of 30” high images housed inside a long wood and steel structure with narrow slits, through which the images are seen.

Bald Eagles Play with Golf Ball on Frozen Lake

I've never thought of bald eagles as playful birds. 

Via Kraftfuttermischwerk

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Kodak Sound 8 For Your Personal Movies (1961)

"Now for even greater enjoyment of your Kodak Sound 8 projector, Kodak presents this superb collection of background music and sound effects"


Photograph Of The Day


My Own Backyard - Marilyn Bellamy

Claude's Story

When Claude, a gentle greyhound, was adopted by a family and introduced to indoor living he discovered that he really, really liked it.

Read more: Laughing Squid

The Story of R32

This short film (2014) by director and animator Vladimir Vlasenko tells the sad tale of a lonely robot trying to connect to humans who are indifferent to it.

Via  Miss Cellania

Robbie Burns Day Hummingbird


Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Eugene Levy's The Reluctant Traveler - Official Trailer

Eugene Levy normally hates traveling but in his new series he takes us to some of the world’s most beautiful locations. 

Burberry brands volcano and meadow with iconic check pattern land art

Cuban-American artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada used natural milk-based paints to create a temporary large-scale version of Burberry's check pattern across a volcanic site on the island of El Hierro. It reminds me of a massive picnic blanket. It's interesting but I hope it doesn't spark a proliferation of advertising on wild spaces.

Burberry collaborated with Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada to create an installation in the Canary Islands

Proust Text Turned Into Images by Human Photographers and AI

In 2022, Alexis Gerard and Annabelle Matter traveled to Normandy, France, to translate text by French writer Marcel Proust into photographs. They chose a 114 year old article entitled Impressions de Route en Automobile (below), widely considered to have been a prototype for the author’s massive 3,200-page masterpiece Remembrance of Things Past. They took photographs of specific landscapes and buildings and also scenes that resonated with the mental images and emotions they had personally experienced through reading Proust’s text.

They later extended the project by “feeding” the same textual descriptions that had inspired their images to an AI image generator (DALL-E 2), to see how its results would differ from their own photographs. Who did it better?

Paragraph #1 

In this paragraph, Proust describes fleeting views of “old and wobbly” traditional Normandy houses that he glimpses from his moving car. He goes into some detail about the rose bushes and trees that grow alongside them.

Alexis and Annabelle


Surprisingly DALL-E 2’s flowers are not roses, but gladiolas. The trees which feature prominently in Proust’s description are a very minor part of this image. The architectural style of the house however is fairly convincing.

Read More: PetaPixel

Tentacle Earbuds

For a design festival last year, Japanese glass artist Genki Hirano created these glass octopus tentacle earbuds. They were so popular that plastic versions are now on sale through vending machines in Japan for 400 yen a pop.

Turning Aluminum Cans Into a Guitar

Burls Art built an oven and melted 1000 aluminum cans and transformed them into a fully playable guitar.

via Kraftfuttermischwerk

Monday, January 23, 2023

Beautiful Oregon

Beautiful video filmed over the course of 4 seasons and 3 years in 8K.

(Music by The Hunts, "Travel")

Canadian Artwork of the Day

before 1994 (National Gallery Of Canada) 

Materials: felt, printed cotton cloth, glass beads, cotton embroidery floss, cotton thread, animal skin, animal bone, and polyester quilt batting

Read more: Helen Konek and The Arviat History Project


Fountains by Małgorzata Chodakowska.

19th Century Japanese Pregnancy Dolls

In 1864 a popular show in Tokyo’s entertainment district educated audiences about the human body. It featured a pregnant doll whose abdomen could be opened to reveal fetal models depicting the various stages of prenatal development

See more Vintage Everyday 

The Greatest Batusi Ever

Sometimes I am nostalgic for the days when peak television was Batman dancing the Batusi after being tortured to insanity by King Tut.  

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Photo Of The Day

Visiting a temple during the Lunar New Year celebration in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.

Photo: Agung Parameswara/Getty Images

Sunday Links

The Paris that we know and love today was born from the vision of just two men and the City of Light was smart enough to know not to mess with a good thing. Via Things Magazine (Image above)

The Day After Trinity  This 1981 documentary follows the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer, a gentle and eloquent physicist and the head of the Manhattan Project. (full documentary via Facebook pal Hal Prentice)

Elephant Trunk Hill, the protector of Guilin, China.

This is real: Husband-calling contest at the Iowa State Fair

My friend Alan Parker posted this story on Facebook about a dog in Buenos Aires: "He is between eight and nine years old, and has lived in the bar for four years ... He used to live on Paso street, because he had some owners who moved and abandoned him. Later a lady adopted him, but Corchito did not feel comfortable with the other pets and returned to the street. The dog is very affectionate and is part of the bar. Every time a person goes alone for breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner, Corchito gets on a chair next to him and keeps company." He looks a lot like our Liz. (See photos of Corchito here)

Sometimes we can all use a little reassurance that things are going to be okay. Supportive cat comics

Calling all spellers! 10 Typos is a proofreading game. (via Webcurios)

Amazing Pie Crust Designs

Satellite Images Discover a New Emperor Penguin Colony in AntarcticThe colony of 500 birds were discovered thanks to the guano stains they leave which stand out against the ice.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic circular sun house hits the market. It was his(via perfect for roquefort cheese)

While I spend my time posting snarky tweets my friend Sally has been doing some real writing: The thrill of performing (and a strapless bra) was all we needed at 14. Her new contemporary romance novel, So Hard To Do, is also launching this month.

Book lover Benedict Cumberbatch reads Kurt Vonnegut’s 1973 response to a book burning school board chairman.

A modern take on the Adirondack Chair: The Bask Lounge Chair would be hard to store and it's way too pricey for me but I like it.

Fruits, sandwiches and turkey dinners were crocheted with love by textile artist Maria Skog

Writer Hanif Kureishi collapsed. His dispatches on recovery are captivating readers.  

Cat Cop (via Mr. Nag)

The World's Oldest Restaurant has served Christopher Columbus, Mozart, and Clint Eastwood (but not all at once).

The community of sled dogs on British bases in Antarctica began when 25 huskies from Labrador, Canada, arrived at Hope Bay in 1945. The Intrepid, Furry Explorers Who Mapped Antarctica 

Our dog is 18 years old and people keep telling me she is 126 in human years. This is incorrect. She's bloody old but not that old. (She's only 88) Dog Years is to Human Years as 7 is to 1 = Wrong

Belleville: A Working Class Parisian Village Lost to the Wrecking Ball

 The villa from White Lotus is a decadent Airbnb rental. Villa Tasca, located in Sicily, dates from the 1500s and sits within 20 acres of formal gardens. (Lots of nice pictures)

Eleven accessible designs for people with disabilities

UK artist Jane Booth creates photo-realistic portraits of animals and people. Take a look

I swore I wouldn't follow yet another Instagram account but I couldn't resist GallicaBnF, the digital library of the National Library of France and its partners. 

Music For Sunday Morning

This Tiny Desk Concert is a dystopian Afrofuturistic reinterpretation of traditional Black spirituals.

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Rescue beavers building a pond

Finn and Sawyer, who previously built an indoor dam with Christmas decorations, have taken their building skills outdoors where they are turning a mud puddle into a pond.

UFO-like cloud forms in Turkey

This rare lenticular cloud formation over Turkey resembled a UFO.

On This Day

The Women's March was a global protest on January 21, 2017, the day after the inauguration of Donald Trump as US president. The main event was in Washington with many other marches taking place worldwide. The image of millions of women around the world filling the streets to support gender equality, civil rights, and other issues was immensely inspiring.

Happy Caturday!

Welcome to the world of the mysterious cats kaleidoscope!

via Laughing Squid

Cartoon Of The Day


No Pain For Cakes

John Lurie & The Lounge Lizards, Live in Berlin. No Pain for Cakes

via everlasting blort 

Friday, January 20, 2023

Moose Sheds Its Antlers

Woodsman Derek Burgoyne captured rare footage of a bull moose shedding its antlers near Juniper, New Brunswick.

More: CBC

Photograph of the Day

[Helen Konek. Between 1949-1950]PHOTO RICHARD HARRINGTON Library and Archives of Canada

This photo of nineteen-year-old Helen Konek in Arviat, Nunavut in 1949. She was walking into a large igloo built by her father. The image went viral on social media in 2019 through a Twitter post created by her grandson Jordan Konek.

What's Happening Under The Pier?

Ace Underwater put a GoPro on a fishing line and lowered it beneath Florida’s Navarre Beach fishing pier.

Via The Awesomer

Photographer Makes Infrared Filter from a Floppy Disk

Mathieu Stern couldn't find an old floppy disk. Luckily his 94-year-old grandmother-in-law still had a stash of the disks that she had kept for “sentimental value.”

More:  PetaPixel

Mr. Plant's Shoes

This footwear series by 
Monsieur Plant shows shoes growing with forest plants like mushrooms, moss, leaves and bark.

Pop Culture Woodcuts

I love these sci-fi themed artworks by Miami-based artist and illustrator Brian Reedy.

Thursday, January 19, 2023

RIP David Crosby January 19, 2023


House Looks Like It Came Straight From Lord Of The Rings

Stuart Grant, 89, moved into the cottage he bought as a wreck with no roof and no doors in 1984.

The Goggomobil Dart

The Goggomobil Dart was a microcar which was developed in Australia by Sydney company Buckle Motors Pty Ltd. and produced from 1959 to 1961. 

Battles of the Sexes

Illustration from a 1467 manuscript of Hans Talhoffer's fight book.

'Fight books' of the 1400s often featured images of men and women engaged in judicial duels.
Duels often begin with the man in a pit or a tub, equipped with a wooden mace, while the woman circles above, slinging a stone wrapped in a veil or “loaded” into the sleeve of her chemise. The difference in height is meant to level any physical advantage of biological sex.

Alta Moda

VIII, Male costume in the Wallatas dance, communities of Willoq and Patacancha, district of Ollantaytambo, province of Urubamba, Cusco, Peru 2010

Fashion and portrait photographer, Mario Testino casts a light on traditional Peruvian culture with his "Alta Moda" project.

XXII, Women’s costume in the Mestiza Qoyacha dance, San Jerónimo, San Sebastián and Saylla districts, province of Cusco, Cusco, Peru 2010


via Kraftfuttermischwerk

Dublin Timelapse

A lovely video by Richard Twomey.


Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Renderings of Frank Lloyd Wright's unbuilt buildings

Rendering of the Gordon Strong automobile objective (unbuilt).

Spanish architect David Romero accessed drawings created by architect Frank Lloyd Wright over his 70-year career and used modelling software to create three-dimensional renders of Wright's buildings that were never built.

The Lake Tahoe Summer Colony was to have "floating" cabins

Unheard Bob Dylan Track Released

The aim of Bob Dylan’s latest music video – for a previously unreleased version of Not Dark Yet – is “to produce a film that speaks of the passing of time, our place in history and the human connection that defines our lives".

More here

Photo Of The Day


The Old Battery, St. John's NL, after some fresh snow - Adam Pearce
(CBC 2015)

Vintage Party Tips

Joan Crawford's tips for great party include lots of vodka and no dirty hippies.

Psychedelic AI Generated Video for 'Dark Side of the Moon'

A very cool visual accompaniment for Pink Floyd's iconic'Dark Side of the Moon album.

 via Memo Of The Air