Sunday, January 29, 2023

Sunday Links

"Drumthwacket," Moses Taylor Pyne House, 354 Stockton Road, Princeton, New Jersey. Temple at upper pond, 1911

A lovely collection of  Magic Lantern Slides of American Gardens  taken by American photographer Frances Benjamin Johnston c. 1910 (via Memo Of The Air)

Here's a Photographical History Game for your Sunday morning entertainment. (I seem to excel at it.)

Sometimes we can all use a little reassurance that things are going to be okay. Supportive cat comics

"If you listen carefully, you can hear the child’s disembodied cry drifting through the air across the cemetery lawn." The Case of the Devil's Baby of Ravenswood (via Things Magazine)

Bumps in the Road: Photos of a bike trip from the Himalayas to Istanbul (Via The Morning News)

Great, now I have something else to worry about as I toss and turn at night. 

This clock, designed by artist Siren Elise Wilhelmsen, knits one two-meter long scarf every 365 days.

Never before seen photos of the Beatles1964: Eyes of the Storm is Paul McCartney's photographic journal of The Beatles tour of six cities during the height of Beatlemania.

The pasta sauce that was named after a pasta-bashing fascist futurist. is the most comprehensive photobooth resource on the internet.

Film credits acknowledge the hard work and skills of both on-screen and behind-the-scenes personnel. Mama Scorsese's meatballs and sauce recipe might be one of 

What Was Hiroshima Like Before the Atom Bomb?: The largest known photographic archive of Hiroshima before the United States detonated an atomic bomb  came from Hiroshima Studio, run by Wakaji Matsumoto.

A man with three legs, a vintage car scaling a building, and an unsettling formation of people donning bird masks are a few of the scenarios highlighted in the terrifically bizarre Wonders of Street View. (Via Colossal)

Cult filmmaker John Waters gives tours of his Baltimore homes (1986 and 2014) They are as eclectic as you might expect.

Ljubljana has never been on my travel radar but this architectural trip through the capital of Slovenia makes me want to go there.

There are thirty or more odd little islands around New York City, all mostly uninhabited or privately owned and strictly off limits, some with peculiar histories. New York's  Radio Island

Copy Dennis is a tribute to all the creators who have taken a little bit too much inspiration from his website. (via The Morning News)

This Maine home can stay 70F without a furnace, even when it's freezing outside. 

This performer gave a truly electrifying performance

Ancient Egyptians bonded so well with their cat companions that they mourned their pets after death by shaving off their eyebrows.


  1. Anonymous7:38 pm

    dis•em•bod•ied – adjective - separated from or existing without the body.
    The only things that separates is dandruff and poop. I’ve no interest in contact with either.

    Marinetti Sauce is ridiculous, just cleaning all the cookware would take half the night.

  2. Anonymous9:32 pm

    Cyndicat says: I've made Catherine Scorcese's meat sauce - a different recipe. Delicious.