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The Paris that we know and love today was born from the vision of just two men and the City of Light was smart enough to know not to mess with a good thing. Via Things Magazine (Image above)

The Day After Trinity  This 1981 documentary follows the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer, a gentle and eloquent physicist and the head of the Manhattan Project. (full documentary via Facebook pal Hal Prentice)

Elephant Trunk Hill, the protector of Guilin, China.

This is real: Husband-calling contest at the Iowa State Fair

My friend Alan Parker posted this story on Facebook about a dog in Buenos Aires: "He is between eight and nine years old, and has lived in the bar for four years ... He used to live on Paso street, because he had some owners who moved and abandoned him. Later a lady adopted him, but Corchito did not feel comfortable with the other pets and returned to the street. The dog is very affectionate and is part of the bar. Every time a person goes alone for breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner, Corchito gets on a chair next to him and keeps company." He looks a lot like our Liz. (See photos of Corchito here)

Sometimes we can all use a little reassurance that things are going to be okay. Supportive cat comics

Calling all spellers! 10 Typos is a proofreading game. (via Webcurios)

Amazing Pie Crust Designs

Satellite Images Discover a New Emperor Penguin Colony in AntarcticThe colony of 500 birds were discovered thanks to the guano stains they leave which stand out against the ice.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic circular sun house hits the market. It was his(via perfect for roquefort cheese)

While I spend my time posting snarky tweets my friend Sally has been doing some real writing: The thrill of performing (and a strapless bra) was all we needed at 14. Her new contemporary romance novel, So Hard To Do, is also launching this month.

Book lover Benedict Cumberbatch reads Kurt Vonnegut’s 1973 response to a book burning school board chairman.

A modern take on the Adirondack Chair: The Bask Lounge Chair would be hard to store and it's way too pricey for me but I like it.

Fruits, sandwiches and turkey dinners were crocheted with love by textile artist Maria Skog

Writer Hanif Kureishi collapsed. His dispatches on recovery are captivating readers.  

Cat Cop (via Mr. Nag)

The World's Oldest Restaurant has served Christopher Columbus, Mozart, and Clint Eastwood (but not all at once).

The community of sled dogs on British bases in Antarctica began when 25 huskies from Labrador, Canada, arrived at Hope Bay in 1945. The Intrepid, Furry Explorers Who Mapped Antarctica 

Our dog is 18 years old and people keep telling me she is 126 in human years. This is incorrect. She's bloody old but not that old. (She's only 88) Dog Years is to Human Years as 7 is to 1 = Wrong

Belleville: A Working Class Parisian Village Lost to the Wrecking Ball

 The villa from White Lotus is a decadent Airbnb rental. Villa Tasca, located in Sicily, dates from the 1500s and sits within 20 acres of formal gardens. (Lots of nice pictures)

Eleven accessible designs for people with disabilities

UK artist Jane Booth creates photo-realistic portraits of animals and people. Take a look

I swore I wouldn't follow yet another Instagram account but I couldn't resist GallicaBnF, the digital library of the National Library of France and its partners. 


  1. Anonymous8:17 pm

    The Husband Calling reminds me of my Grandmother. My Uncle lived/worked in Alaska 10 months and came home to MA for 2 months in the winter all through the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. He stayed in his camp across the road about 200 yards from Grandmas and if he got a phone call or lunch/supper was ready she would hoo hoo out the front door and he would come over. I can see him listening closely at meal times but the phone calls he couldn’t know and always showed up.

    I don’t catch typos, I make ‘em.

    Wright’s Sun House looks nice but the lawn is terrible.

    The Bask chair looks harder to get out of because you start with you butt in a hole.

  2. Anonymous12:01 am

    Re: the police cat. In the post office two weeks ago there was a man with two small children; one of them had a realistic modern police uniform on, with the word POLICE across the back of the jacket. And last week in one of my dreams was a cat with its mistress' full-size pistol in a leather holster strapped across its entire left side. When the woman needed to use the gun she'd reach down and get it. There was the feeling that the cat carried the gun because it was sensible one, and that if the woman wanted the gun and the situation didn't warrant it the cat could keep it away from her.

    1. My cat doesn't wear a uniform, carry a gun or do anything that could be considered useful. I think she might be lazy.


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