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Sunday Links

Paul Spooner- Automata Artist

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Oscar Ukonu's Hyperrealistic Portraits

A Building-Size Cat Photo

Man Wears His Trash

A sleeping elephant family

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Stop Motion Animation Demo Reel

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Modified VW Bus

Musical Temple

The Many Colors of the Full Moon

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Sky Bridge 721

Luis Buñuel's recipe for a dry martini

She Did What Her Conscience Told Her To Do

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Paris 1920s

A Visit From A Maned Wolf


Persian Demons

Gone But Not Forgotten

How This Dog Saved His Family

One of NYC's last remaining public payphones removed

Anniversary Of The Very First Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever

’Cómo Te Quiero’ - Khruangbin

Stop Motion

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When NASA gave spiders drugs, 1995

Succulents That Look Like Real Stone

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Japanese Retro-Futurism

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More Than 100 Young Crocodiles Hop On Pop

Procession - Hew Locke

How to play "Happy Birthday" Like Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms, Bach and Mozart

Happy Victoria Day!

Sunday Links

Music For Sunday Morning

The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On (whole film)

A Baby Chimney Sweeper (1933)

Well Of Hell

Malcolm Mclaren Presents Double Dutch

Cat Boxing

Japanese Suburbs in Watercolors

Double Life

An Election Entertainment

Catwoman vs. the White House

Mary in The Void

The Cursing Mommy Makes A Gimlet (A repost from 2010)

Union Station 6:58pm

Billions of Synchronous Fireflies

The Interlace

Sunday Links

Music For Sunday Morning

Matcha Morning

My Magnolia

The Gardener

Would A Woman Make a Good President?


Paul McCartney recording Blackbird in 1968

Bitcoin City

CG Train Station

Time is Nothing

Lace -Wing Bug

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We Call Him Super

1909 Rolls-Royce 40/50 HP Silver Ghost