Sunday, May 15, 2022

Sunday Links

To see what’s really going on, it helps to get close: A Messy Table, a Map of the World (NYT interactive)

What if D-Day Failed? In Undelivered President Biden's speechwriter Jeff Nussbaum builds an alternate history through the speeches leaders never had to make. 

“Alexander, now you must give up attempting the impossible, or you may lose your life in attempting to explore the deep.”Alexander in the Bathysphere

Layers of London is a map-based history website developed by the Institute of Historical Research. (via Perfect for Roquefort Cheese)

Good advice: Andrew Carnegie famously suggested his epitaph should read: "Here lies a man who knew how to enlist in his service better men than himself."

"Computers in the future will weigh no more than 1.5 tons." Popular Mechanics, 1949 7 tech predictions that were way off the mark (via Things Magazine)

One million deaths A timeline of the lives lost to Covid-19 in America.

The Coolest Doorway in Paris (It's fabulous. I've seen it)

“If someone could figure out how to make hot dogs taste like crawfish dogs, he could bring back baseball” Eating Crawfish in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

Train Set - some of the most ambitious, fascinating, and downright crazy trains that the world has ever seen. (via Perfect for Roquefort Cheese)

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