Monday, January 31, 2022

View - Odveig Klyve

A Norwegian coastal city is invaded by some very large visitors. 

RIP Fred Parris (1936 - 2022)

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How to Build an Igloo

This 1949 film by Douglas Wilkinson shows two Inuit men making an igloo in just an hour and a half using only snow and a knife.

Read more: NFB 

Noteboek by Evelien Lohbeck

My first laptop?

 (previously posted here in 2009)

Functional Miniature Tools

Enos Camare makes tiny tools like this functional Makita circular saw, 1:12 scale , 3D printed.

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How and Why George Harrison Formed The Traveling Wilburys

In 1988 George Harrison put together an incredible group of musicians to meet a musical obligation. Director Willy Smax made a documentary about the experience.

Vintage Coney Island Sideshows

These shows were not for the faint of heart. 

"We don't want you ladies to feel for one moment that you're going to a Sunday school picnic. We don't want any trouble and furthermore we don't give anybody their money back"

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Sunday, January 30, 2022

On This Day In 1972

50 years ago British soldiers shot 26 unarmed civilians, killing 14, during a protest march in Derry against internment without trial. One former British soldier was charged in 2019 in the killing of two of the protesters and the injury of four others. But prosecutors decided last year not to proceed with the case because there was no longer a prospect of conviction.


It's red , it smells, it's often picked in the garden…

Mr. Nag and I doing the crossword puzzle every morning.


Niagara Falls Collapse

This is very dramatic. 185,000 tons of rock crashed down to the bottom of the Falls.


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Sunday Links

Pavilion in Grove Hall Park, Bow, by Harold Steggles

This article (image above) is about The East London Group and the role photography played in their work. I am a fan of the ELG and have a number of their prints that I treasure.

Beautiful drone photography: Dimitar Karanikolov on Instagram  

History of Mathematics Project A virtual interactive exhibit being developed for the National Museum of Mathematics in New York City.

The Plot Against the Principality of Sealand A tale of fraud and intrigue (via Perfect for Roquefort Cheese)

Lou Reed, Rock Critic: Reed’s opinions on a variety of rock acts and countercultural figures of the 1960s and 70s. 

I can't decide if this is sad or funny: Reverse mermaid performance (Thanks Bruce)

I generally prefer my food sans luminescence but this Glow-in-the-Dark Sushi Bar looks kind of cool.

From the 'What A Crazy World We Live In' files: National Butterfly Center Closes Due to Conspiratorial QAnon Threats (Thanks Bruce!)

Thunder was his engine and white lightning was his load. And this is why Robert Mitchum never had a singing career.

Bee bricks in Brighton A planning law introduced in the city of Brighton and Hove, England, calls for new buildings to include special bricks that provide nests for solitary bees.

Got that paperwork ready, Fred? Fred's Office

First posted here in 2009 and still very funny:  The world's best passenger complaint letter? 

The draconian editorial philosophy of Edwin Stryker: 'Of the 270,000 photographs commissioned by the US Farm Security Administration to document the Great Depression, more than a third were “killed”. Erica X Eisen examines the history behind this hole-punched archive and the unknowable void at its center.' 

What is Impressionism? “Before impressionism, landscapes in art were often imaginary, perfect landscapes painted in the studio. The impressionists changed all that.”

Before the iPod: Man-From-Mars Radio Hat

And I'll leave you with this gem: My hump, my hump, my hump, my lovely little lumps…In this curious video the Teletubbies meet up with the Black Eyed Peas (via Das Kraftfuttermischwerk)

Music For Sunday Morning

Saturday, January 29, 2022


I first posted this goodie by Luke Snellin 12 years ago. I'm posting it again because most of use could use a little sweetness now and again.

Best Art Vinyl Award 2021

Brighton artist, Paul Phillips has won the Best Art Vinyl 2021 Award for his record cover design for Villagers’ fifth studio album cover for Fever Dreams.  The interchangeable design offers three sleeves with interlinking artwork and was voted for by the public.

See more here

Some Saturday Silliness

Two guys at a picnic indulge in a bit of clever wordplay.

Homemade Star Tours

This dad went to a lot of effort to make his daughter's birthday one to remember.


(Thanks Bruce)

Happy Caturday!


Thursday, January 27, 2022

Japanese Breakfast - Nobody Sees Me Like You Do

A few weeks I ago I posted a track by David Byrne & Yo La Tengo from  Ocean Child, a new Yoko Ono tribute album. Here is another track, this one a Japanese Breakfast cover of Nobody Sees Me Like You Do. 

A portion of proceeds from the album will benefit Why Hunger.

The Rescue

Trailer for a movie about the daring 2018 rescue of twelve boys and their coach from deep inside a flooded cave in Northern Thailand. This was a big story at the time and I remember following it.

The full documentary is available on Disney+
via bookofjoe

Jonathan Is So Old

 Jonathan, the 190 year old tortoise, has pictures taken over 136 years apart.

Celebrating his 190th birthday this year, Jonathan was just certified as the world’s oldest land animal and oldest tortoise ever by Guinness World Records.

Cat Has A Pet Of Its Own


Little Big World Best of 2021


Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Kids In Kowloon

Children playing on Walled City rooftop, 1989

Image: Greg Girard

And So Say All Of Us

52 celebrated choreographers perform in Mitchell Rose‘s chain letter style dance film.

Get A Cat They Said


Via Facebook pal Hal 

World's Best New Building

The Friendship Hospital in Bangladesh by local architecture studio Kashef Chowdhury/URBANA has been awarded the RIBA International Prize 2021. Surrounded by shrimp fisheries, the building is composed of a series of low-lying pavilions that are made from locally sourced brick and interspersed with courtyards.

Read More: Dezeen

Polar Bears Occupying an Abandoned Weather Station

Russian photographer Dmitry Kokh captured images of a group of polar bears that had taken over an abandoned meteorological station located between Russia and Alaska on Kolyuchin Island in the Chukchi Sea. It looks like they made themselves at home.

See more: Colossal 

Arctic Summer

Tuktoyaktuk is an Indigenous community in the Northwest Territories, Canada.  As ice-free summers have stretched out for longer periods, Tuktoyaktuk’s coastline has become increasingly vulnerable to the open sea, and erosion threatens to render the land uninhabitable.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Mr. Delicious, fast food chain killing mascot

Mr. Delicious was an aging divorcee who picked his teeth, had an anger management problem, and talked about getting a vasectomy. Using him as a fast food chain mascot was not a smart move. The documentary by Rax Roast Beef (below) was a response to negative public reaction to their creepy animated spokesperson.

And that, my friends, was the end of a promising career in show business for Mr. Delicious. 

See the actual commercial at Boing Boing

Snow Fighters by Leslie McFarlane

 A close-up of a snow-bound city in 1957, and the men, money and machinery it takes to dig it out. (I grew up in Montreal and the winters were vicious.)

Architecture in Music

Locke Hill Cello Circa 1780.

This series by photographer Charles Brooks explores the interiors of musical instruments. Each shot is comprised of dozens to hundreds of individual images, blended to give the illusion of space.

The Exquisite Architecture of Steinway

More here (Prints are available for sale)

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Don't Judge

A touching film by Elvis Naçi.


Monday, January 24, 2022

How to Open a Door

A Finnish instructional video from 1979  

First-of-its-kind retrospective pays tribute to Hayao Miyazaki’s genius

Background, Spirited Away (2001) Hayao Miyazaki (Copyright © 2001 Studio Ghibli)

A retrospective of legendary filmmaker and co-founder of Studio Ghibli, Hayao Miyazaki, at the Academy Museum features over 400 different artworks including mainframes, keyframes, character sketches and background paintings. This inaugural temporary show marks the first North American museum exhibition dedicated to the acclaimed artist and his work.

See more: It's Nice That

Bergen, North Holland in the 1910s

Bergen is a municipality and a town in the Netherlands, in the province of North Holland. These photos, taken by photographer A.J. Bonda, show the town and its surroundings in the 1910s. I think it looks idyllic.

See more:  Vintage Everyday

Flowing Home (Như một dòng sông)

This film, directed by Sandra Desmazières, tells the story of two Vietnamese sisters who became separated after the fall of Saigon in 1975. It has been shortlisted for this year’s Oscar for Best Animated Short Film.

Learn more about the creative process behind the making of the film

Vintage Sketches of Japanese Toy Designs

Kawasaki Kyosen (1877-1942) drew watercolour sketches of traditional toys  he found in localities throughout Japan. Kyosen left 52 Gangucho sketchbooks  containing pictures of more than 5,000 different types of objects including not only local traditional toys but also lucky charms and products specific to localities.

See more:  Flashbak

Beautiful Perugia

I miss being able to travel and have been going on virtual walks to try to make up for some of what I've been missing during the pandemic. This 90 minute video of Perugia in Italy is one of the best I've seen.

The Prowalk Tours YouTube channel has a lot more.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

So hold it maybe?


Sunday Links

Buddhist Texts for the Illiterate (above) Early 20th-century Buddhist rebus-style text from Japan. Although labeled by the British Library as a Heart Sūtra for the illiterate, the Library of Congress identifies it as the “Hymn of Praise to Kannon for the Illiterate” (via Perfect for Roquefort Cheese)

There is an artist obituary scrapbook at The Metropolitan Museum of Art Archives. The Man Who Built An Archive of Artists' Deaths

Feeling adventurous? Airbnb is looking for someone to live in and host a restored Sicilian home for one year. Sambuca di Sicilia was awarded the title "the most beautiful Italian Village" in 2016. The 1 Euro House

Gustave Zander and the19th-Century Gym Great photos. (via Memo Of The Air)

Moby Dickens

imagineRio is a digital atlas that shows the evolution of Rio de Janeiro's landscape and topography over the last 500 years. (via Maps Mania)

Turkmenistan Is Closing The Gateway to Hell so see it while you can.

Scantily Dressed Ladies on the Covers of Radio Control Modeler Magazines Via Memo Of The Air

These sand sculptures were made by wind erosion of frozen sand on the shore of Lake Michigan. They look like they could have been created by AI.

Famous Writers on Being Rejected

Our friend Sally the Writer aka Sally the Baker wrote this piece about a bird rescue. It's as funny as she is.

The Instagram account of photo colourist Olga Shirnina breathes new life into historical photos. (Her work on the Romanov Royal Family photographs has been featured here previously)

Living Next Door to America It's loud, like an action movie that's been playing for the last 100 years.

Absurdle is like Wordle only it hates you.

Jelly Tits They add a certain je ne sais quoi to any party.

Flickr album by Dave Miller of passport application photos of Americans who took up residence in Paris during the 1920s and came to be referred to as the Lost Generation.

Comforting, easy and versatile: Three-Ingredient Pasta

The high priestess of debauchery: Too Scandalous, Even for 1920s Berlin 

Weird Things People Experienced At Friend's Houses (Thanks Bruce!)

Just give me plates and glasses instead of these abominations (via Miss Cellania)

ShineLine: Lightweight, rechargeable, radiant.

Images of the Tonga Volcano Eruption Captured From Space

Who is Inspector Sands and why does the London Underground keep summoning him?

This 3-year-old Spidergirl is the sweetest superhero ever!

PriestmanGoode designs accessible interiors for Canadian trains The inside of each train is intended to be an accessible environment for all passengers, with comfortable seats and spacious footwells.

Let Us Make You Fat (via Memo Of The Air)

How To Feed An Eagle Chick

via everlasting blort

Music For Sunday Morning

 This has been my earworm for a few days. Could be worse.

Saturday, January 22, 2022

This young man!


The Museum of Fear and Wonder In Bergen, Alberta

"Even without knowing their backstory, just looking at these objects will let a viewer know that they've had a complicated history or emotions were projected onto them by a previous owner."
via  Boing Boing

DIY Freezer

Via Das Kraftfuttermischwerk

Psychedlic Psaturday

Animal Collective - "Strung With Everything"


Make These Cute Kawaii Donut Animal Stamps

Feeling crafty? Check out this easy DIY rubber stamp carving tutorial.

Via The Kid Should See This

Flight calls attention to wasteful 'ghost flights'

Image: Frank Augstein/AP

A European Commission rule says carriers must operate 80% of their allocated slot for at least 80% of the time so 19-year-old Kai Forsyth got to fly from London to Florida with only the pilots and flight crew onboard the flight. European carriers are urging the European Union to alter so-called "use it or lose it" regulations forcing airlines to continue flying empty or near-empty flights. Belgium's federal mobility minister described the current rules as "economic, ecologic and socially nonsense."

Read more:  NPR

Charles Darwin’s Children Doodled On His Origin of Species Manuscript

When Charles Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" manuscript was published he tossed away most of the original 600 page manuscript. But fortunately he kept 45 pages that his 10 children used to draw on.

A repost from 2015

Happy Caturday!

The Instagram Account of Center County Library features Horatio, the cat who dresses up as his favorite characters to encourage reading.

Friday, January 21, 2022

Why George Martin Signed The Beatles

Wok Skills In Japan

Don't watch this if you're hungry! I marvelled at this chef's skill and efficiency in his tiny kitchen.

Via Das Kraftfuttermischwerk

Music Inspired by the Life of Marie Curie

Radium Girls comes from Charming Disaster's album, the Marie Curie-inspired Our Lady Of Radium, a tribute to the young women who were poisoned by their work painting watch dials with luminescent radium-based paint at the US Radium Corp.
' …it seemed like a really good job — it was clean work, it was less physically taxing and paid better than factory or mill jobs, the working environment was nice — and the workers were all young women. They were excited about this sweet gig, and then it betrayed them, poisoning them and cutting their lives short in a horrible way.'

Read more:  Open Culture

Inuuteq Storch: Who We Are

Meet a young photographer, Inuuteq Storch, who works with found images telling Greenland history from the Greenlandic perspective.

A Peaceful Walk In The Japanese Countryside

Walking around Kamo-jinja Shrine, one of the oldest Shinto shrines in Japan, set in the countryside near Kyoto.

Via TwistedSifter

Thursday, January 20, 2022

This Dome Is Not A Dome

Read the story behind it: Futility Closet

1432 battle scene brought to life

Swiss animator Georges Schwizgebel breathes new life into the early Italian Renaissance painter Paolo Uccello’s influential triptych The Battle of San Romano (c1430s)

L'hiver après la tempête - Philip Surrey c. 1960

Philip Surrey CM RCA was a Canadian artist known for his figurative scenes of Montreal.

Via Junk Boat Travels

Magic Molecule?

“The cellulosics are in good fettle, and there’s a hint of melamine in the air.”
This 1964 short film was made before plastic became a  monster that’s out of control.

Read more: NFB Blog

Sheep Heart

Some of us are wishing we'd had some sheep to mark the passing of loved ones we lost during Covid.

via FB pal Hal.


This excellent 1970 documentary starred Sean who was 4-1/2 years old at the time and lived with his parents in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco. (first posted here in 2011) 

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Kate McGarrigle Died 12 years ago

I missed the exact day (Jan 18) but I still want to honour her. 

Jon Hamm Narrates Plato's Allegory of the Cave

"Now, what if instead of being in a cave, you were out in the world — except you couldn’t see it because you trusted that the world you saw through the prism was the real world. But there’s a difference. You see, unlike the allegory of the cave where the people are real and the shadows are false, here other people are the shadows, their faces, their lives."

More here

This Painting Took More Than 2 Years to Complete

Lena Danya shares the timelapse of her oil painting “Solace,” a portrait with realistic water which took over 2 years to finally finish.

via TwistedSifter

Alternative Math

"A well meaning math teacher finds herself trumped by a post-fact America."

Via Duck Soup