Sunday Links

Buddhist Texts for the Illiterate (above) Early 20th-century Buddhist rebus-style text from Japan. Although labeled by the British Library as a Heart Sūtra for the illiterate, the Library of Congress identifies it as the “Hymn of Praise to Kannon for the Illiterate” (via Perfect for Roquefort Cheese)

There is an artist obituary scrapbook at The Metropolitan Museum of Art Archives. The Man Who Built An Archive of Artists' Deaths

Feeling adventurous? Airbnb is looking for someone to live in and host a restored Sicilian home for one year. Sambuca di Sicilia was awarded the title "the most beautiful Italian Village" in 2016. The 1 Euro House

Gustave Zander and the19th-Century Gym Great photos. (via Memo Of The Air)

Moby Dickens

imagineRio is a digital atlas that shows the evolution of Rio de Janeiro's landscape and topography over the last 500 years. (via Maps Mania)

Turkmenistan Is Closing The Gateway to Hell so see it while you can.

Scantily Dressed Ladies on the Covers of Radio Control Modeler Magazines Via Memo Of The Air

These sand sculptures were made by wind erosion of frozen sand on the shore of Lake Michigan. They look like they could have been created by AI.

Famous Writers on Being Rejected

Our friend Sally the Writer aka Sally the Baker wrote this piece about a bird rescue. It's as funny as she is.

The Instagram account of photo colourist Olga Shirnina breathes new life into historical photos. (Her work on the Romanov Royal Family photographs has been featured here previously)

Living Next Door to America It's loud, like an action movie that's been playing for the last 100 years.

Absurdle is like Wordle only it hates you.

Jelly Tits They add a certain je ne sais quoi to any party.

Flickr album by Dave Miller of passport application photos of Americans who took up residence in Paris during the 1920s and came to be referred to as the Lost Generation.

Comforting, easy and versatile: Three-Ingredient Pasta

The high priestess of debauchery: Too Scandalous, Even for 1920s Berlin 

Weird Things People Experienced At Friend's Houses (Thanks Bruce!)

Just give me plates and glasses instead of these abominations (via Miss Cellania)

ShineLine: Lightweight, rechargeable, radiant.

Images of the Tonga Volcano Eruption Captured From Space

Who is Inspector Sands and why does the London Underground keep summoning him?

This 3-year-old Spidergirl is the sweetest superhero ever!

PriestmanGoode designs accessible interiors for Canadian trains The inside of each train is intended to be an accessible environment for all passengers, with comfortable seats and spacious footwells.

Let Us Make You Fat (via Memo Of The Air)