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Is This A Sick Joke?

The most censored episode in American network television talk-show history

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Sunday Links

Music For Sunday Morning

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Warner Music signs an algorithm to a record deal

Life in Miniature

Deviant Desserts

Soviet space dog shoes

The Dutch reach.

How true is this?

RIP AgnĂšs Varda

Carmen Strikes Again

Strange Histories

Satirical Job Title Generator

Deconstructed Cargo Pants

What Happiness Sounds Like

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Some Brexit Street Art

An Homage To Twelve-Tone Dissonance

Stunning Photorealism Set In A Futuristic Alien Landscape

GauGAN Turns Doodles Into Photorealistic Masterpieces

Spring Cleaning Bingo for Artists

Graham-Paige Fire Chief’s Car


Three Farmers on Their Way to a Dance, 1914

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Every Way To Cook An Egg

The growth of Canada's cities since Confederation.

The Dance Of The Pendulums

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These Dogs Protect Mother Earth

Beautiful Design

Replica of National Lampoon Family Truckster Could Be Yours

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Decomposition Cupcake

Happy VĂ„ffeldagen!


Car #288

Mars Habitat


Silhouettes On The Shade

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A Map of Fairyland (c. 1920)

The Astronaut Spacewalk Lamp

What’s Wrong With This Diorama?

The World's Longest Art Exhibit

Petra, the talkative Congo African Grey

1929 Avant-garde Film Classic