Sunday Links

Roslyn Place (above) in Shadyside is paved with pressurized oak blocks. It is Pittsburgh’s last wooden street.

The House of The Future: Charles Schridde's Stunning 1960s Motorola Ads 

Cannabis etiquette  It's the toke of the town!

Chambers of Secrets: Sets and scenes from the Harry Potter series are reimagined as miniature cardboard models by architecture students from the Melbourne School of Design.

Pegasus by Jean-Michel Basquiat, "the Most Beautiful Drawing Ever"

The Parrot Whisperer of Washington, D.C. 

The figure in Edvard Munch's "The Scream" isn't actually screaming

Terrible Things Happening in Cold Places  Via

Next Best Thing: In 2015, when startup founder Roman Mazurenko died in a car accident, his best friend spent three months gathering his last text messages and created an app that would let her speak with him again.

7 Thrillers Set in Psychiatric Hospitals and Asylums 

Do your kids turn up their noses at fruit and veggies? Feed them these Bug Snacks. They'll love them.

Meet Vermeer in augmented reality

24 Common Cognitive Biases: A Visual List of the Psychological Systems Errors That Keep Us From Thinking Rationally

 The Museum of Everyday Life

Morning Commute In Salekhard, Russia

Oxford English Dictionary adds new entries: chuddies, jibbons and fantoosh

This house! Residence Le Nid by Anne Carrier overlooks Saint Lawrence River

CBC News: A group of researchers at the University of Ottawa is using Google Street View to spot gentrification in the city's neighbourhoods.

 The Hess Triangle, a cheeky symbol of New York City’s defiant nature.

Salvador Dalí’s champagne lamps go on display

Why Are Pockets So Rare in Women's Clothes? Thanks Bruce!

China's new social media craze:  Praising groups

This Proposal Photo Was Shot Using a Drone