Sunday, April 30, 2023

He Resolves Not To Smoke

Dreamy Dud steals a man's pipe because he is fascinated with smoking and blowing smoke rings but then things get weird.

(Weird Universe)

Sunday Links

Stories on a Handkerchief, the embroidered art of the Chamba Rumal (image above). (Memo Of The  Air)

Spectacular photos of a Canary Wharf skyscraper being completed have been rediscovered more than 30 years after they were taken.

The United States incarcerates a larger share of its population than in any other nation on earth. American Prison Writing Archive replaces myths with a sense of the true human costs of the current legal order. (webcurios)

It is the last day of National Poetry Month so here is link to  "A World Not of This World" that pictures poems on maps. (Perfect For Roquefort Cheese)

Don't waste money on expensive dentists. Apparently Jesus has better rates.

An assessment of the viability of heritage crafts in the UK (cricket ball making, gold beating, lacrosse stick making and mould and deckle making are all extinct.) Thanks Bruce!

I'm not a fan of Pyrex but this guy is.

A is for Anarchist, a counter-culture abecedarium, was written by New York–based rapper billy woods and illustrated by painter and comics artist m. musgrove in response to Covid. (Perfect for Roquefort Cheese)

A Delta stewardess shares details of a 24 hour layover in the Big Apple in 1964.(NYT link)

Charles Hindley's Cries Of London  (Strange Company)

I settled on simple capital letters, like Scrabble squares: “It stands for ‘F*ck This Shit.’” Abigail Thomas on getting a tattoo at 80.

Feed the Koi (It's very relaxing)

Britain’s mapping agency has its roots in military strategy: mapping the Scottish Highlands following rebellion in 1745. An interactive history of the Ordnance Survey

This Army Man will hold your wine. 

Gun Violence Is Worse In Red States It’s the southern swath of the country — in cities and rural areas alike — where the rate of deadly gun violence is most acute, regions where Republicans have dominated state governments for decades.

Canopic Studio's seriously creepy pottery inspired by nature and anatomy. (Boing Boing)

Built in the Clouds: Villages frozen in time.

The King Of Sting: "A ritual gone wrong, satanic. The gas lamp in the old church explodes in your face when you light it."

Music For Sunday Morning

Listening to this as I watch my own lovely magnolia blossoms about to unfurl.

Saturday, April 29, 2023

Make My Money Matter - 'Couples Therapy'

This couple is not who you think they are.

Ranked: The World's 25 Richest Countries

The world GDP per capita continues to grow every year, and is projected to be $13,920 for 2023.

Read more

Czechia's Mid-Century Supervillain-Lair Hotel

In 1973,Hotel Ještěd opened outside the city of Liberec, in what was then Czechoslovakia and it looked like nothing anyone had seen before.


(sorry, I can't remember where I found this post)

A Modernist Masterpiece

The Modern House

We are looking to downsize but I am drawn to large houses with gorgeous grounds, like this mid-century jewel by acclaimed architect Patrick Gwynne which has come to market for the first time since it was built in 1959. It is within walking distance of the lovely town of  Henley-on-Thames.


World's Fastest Trash Can

63MPH! It's fun but you have to watch out for garbage trucks which may mistake you for a piece of trash.


Happy Caturday!

The Kiffness X Alugalug Cat 2.0 (Please Go Away)

(Tacky Raccoons)

Friday, April 28, 2023


A regenerative forester extracts resources to cultivate growth in an ancient English rainforest.

(Aeon Videos)


This revolutionary device transforms salt water into life-changing electrical power.


Pepperoni Hug Spot

This  AI created pizza ad is creepy AF. I don't want to know what their "secret things" are. Do you?

Nag's Job Board: Gough Island

Gough Island, a British territory in the southern Atlantic Ocean, is looking for someone to work there for 13 months. It is around 1,500 miles (2,400km) from the African mainland and is a seven-day boat ride from South Africa. Seven full-time employees - and eight million birds - live there and the job involves tracking seabird species. If you're interested you should get moving as the deadline for applications is Sunday.

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Signs of Life

English author, Neil Gaiman has his first full-length album coming out, a collaboration with Australian indie string quartet FourPlay called Signs of Life. He does background vocals on Bloody Sunrise (below), a song about a heartbroken vampire.

Next Goal Wins - Trailer

I don't follow soccer but this new film by writer/director Taika Waititi looks like fun.

Go Ahead, Play with Your Food

No one needs encouragement to eat waffles but this waffle iron makes breakfast even more fun by producing tasty stackable waffle pieces that interlock like LEGO bricks. 

Between The Days

A preview of an animated short by artist Matt Bolinger.

Cardboard Animal Sculptures

Josh Gluckstein makes amazingly detailed sculptures of animals out of cardboard and paper.

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Humphrey Bogart's Shoes

Bogart was quite a bit shorter than his co-star Ingrid Bergman so he wore these platform shoes during the filming of Casablanca.

(World of Reel)

RIP singer, actor and human rights activist Harry Belafonte


Magnetic Music

What musical instrument do you play? I play the magnet. Magnetic Games demonstrates how the vibrations caused by magnetic fields can make music,

(The Awesomer)

It's a Wes Anderson World

Videographer @avawillyums captures the aesthetic of a Wes Anderson film and her homage to Anderson has inspired other TikTokers to post edited videos that mimic the American filmmaker’s unique cinematic style.
@avawillyums With a good imagination, everything is symmetrical. Let a girl day dream! #wesanderson ♬ Obituary - Alexandre Desplat

Tiny Illustrated Sci-fi Stories

@smllwrlds is publishing a new tiny illustrated sci-fi story every day of 2023. Brilliant! 

'Star Wars' Starships Size Comparison

A 3D animation by Red Side

How To Carve The Emperor Of All Stones

Sculptor Simon Smith recreates a panel from the 15th-century Prato Pulpit in Italy.


Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Food Flags


To promote the Sydney International Food Festival, Australia's largest food festival, advertising agency Whybin/TBWA re-created 18 national flags using foods native to each nation.



See More: bookofjoe

Just Listen To This Boy

His name is Malakai. He’s 13 years old.


(3 Quarks Daily)

The Mystery Of The Great Houses Of Chaco Canyon

The houses of Chaco Canyon (New Mexico) were built 1000 years ago, using the wood of over 200,000 trees. But how did the Chacoans transport the wood 70 miles to the construction site without draft animals or wheels? In an attempt to solve this mystery, researchers Rodger Kram and James Wilson carried a ponderosa pine log weighing more than 130 pounds for 15 miles up and down a forest road in Boulder County, Colorado—and they did it using only their heads in a technique inspired by sherpas in Nepal.

Plaid - Return to Return (Official Video)

Plaid (Ed Handley and Andy Turner) have been performing their distinctive style of electronica since the 1990s.

Monday, April 24, 2023

Barnfind Car Auction

Gallery Aaldering presents: The Palmen Barnfind Collection
"It is unlikely that anyone will ever see a collection of this caliber and in this condition again in their lifetime."
Bidding will soon be possible on 230 classic cars from Maserati, Lancia, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, Aston Martin, BMW, Facel Vega and more. 


Prefab Home Installed In Just One Day

This modular house by DublDom was pre-made at a factory and delivered and installed on the lot in one day. Another 1-2 weeks are required for the final exterior finish. It looks very comfortable.

Bruised Banana Art

view more on Instagram

Anna Chojnicka, aka the Banana Bruiser, strategically bruises bananas to create art.
By managing the timing, it’s possible to make intricate images with graduating shades. There’s a short window of time when the image looks its best; I photograph the banana, and then eat it.


OUR ARK explores the attempts by technologists to ‘backup’ the planet through 3D models of animals and objects, as if ecological collapse could be staved off through a digital Noah’s Ark.

Candyman Splash

Splash artists Aquabatix perform a sailor themed routine.

(Memo Of The Air)

Sunday, April 23, 2023

'Question Mark, Ohio' - A Tale Told On Instagram

Question Mark, Ohio tells the story of a young woman searching for answers in a town where things keep disappearing. 

Follow it in real-time here.

Music For Sunday Morning

Natalie Merchant - Big Girls (feat. Abena Koomson-Davis) 

Sunday Links

Tens of thousands of people in the United States may be connected to this album, which offers an "unprecedented opportunity for people of mixed heritage, especially, to access never-before-seen ancestral portraits." Mark Gulezian, NPG

This collection (image above)  of 1,800 cut-paper silhouette busts by American artist William Bache was contaminated by arsenic but his ledger book can now be safely viewed online on the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery website.

For those of you who like to argue: DebateDevil (via Web Curios)

The 2023 Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival in Toronto includes over 20 public art installations.

If you open this link you will not be able to sleep tonight: Borbie, The Shave And Play Barbie

Let's play a game: Where in the USA is this? (It's a GeoGuessr/Wordle cross)

Since she's been in the news lately I thought I'd repost this gem from 2011: A dramatic reading of Gwyneth Paltrow's cookbook

This Playful Handpainted Chess Set features cat and dog playing pieces.

I like Shin Oh's 126³ Tiny Voxel Shops series which portrays  hawker stalls and traditional businesses of Malaysia. (via Present&Correct)

From intermittent fasting to ice water facials: Twenty-First-Century Wellness Trends That Were Also Hardships Jane Eyre Suffered at Lowood School

My friend Hanan sent me a couple of links that portray alternate histories envisioned by AI : Link 1 Link 2

Oh blimey! I'm covered in OFFAL! Listen to the world’s first AI-voiced radio show. (via Web Curios)

As we edge slowly into warmer weather I'm looking forward to fresher veggies and am feeling inspired by these Vegan Meal Ideas 

From Traditional to Barbiecore: A Guide to Most Popular Interior Design Styles (At the moment I'm partial to Japandi).

It's a bird! It's a plane! No it's Tyler the Super Pizza Delivery Guy! I feel a meme coming on. 

From my 'I Did Not Know This' file: Why young cheddar makes a better grilled cheese sandwich Have you been doing it wrong? I have.

Death by metric system? Guns don't kill people, metrification does.

Artists have posed video as an agent of global change—from televised revolution to electronic democracy. Bringing together a diverse range of work from the past six decades, a special selection of video works is presented in conjunction with the exhibition Signals: How Video Transformed the World, now on view at MoMA. (Thanks Bruce!)

Saturday, April 22, 2023

Contemplating Life...

Do you ever have days like this?

(everlasting blort)

Birds Of A Feather

Over 20 million parrots are kept as pets in the US. They are highly intelligent and have emotional needs that are often not met. A new study which helped pet parrots make video calls to each other suggests that the birds may have benefited from the social contact.

Intuitive Daily Stitching

Image: Karen Turner

Artist Karen Turner began her Intuitive Daily Stitching project a year ago when she was hoping to bring more mindfulness into her everyday living. It is a type of diary that records more abstract thoughts and feelings rather than events.

Tears of Joy

This added some sunshine to an otherwise gloomy day.

via Miss Cellania

Mocktails of the European Space Agency

These Jupiter-inspired Mocktails were entered in a contest to publicize the ambitious expedition of the Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer. After 70 space enthusiasts from ESA member states sent in their entries, all were compiled into the Space Juice Recipe Book.
This layered smoothie features waffle cut-outs representing Juice’s solar panels. @ELENI.KT

Friday, April 21, 2023

Five Graphs That Changed the World

Beginning with John Snow’s cholera ‘dot map’ of London from 1854, this video highlights five data visualisations that gave rise to the form, and changed the world.

Via Aeon Videos

Watch A Cruise Ship Being Assembled in 7 Minutes

The AIDAnova is the first of a new generation of LNG Powered Cruise Ships for Carnival Cruises - the Helios Class. The vessel is 337m long and can house 6.600 passengers.

via The Awesomer

Ancient Rome in 20 minutes

Caesar, The Colosseum, Republic, Nero, geese, plebeians, legions - everything that you once knew, but forgot, in a crash course video by Arzamas.

If you liked this video you can also see a very short history of ancient Greece at Open Culture

Frank Lloyd Wright's Westhope Mansion is For Sale

Westhope was built by the master architect in 1929 for his cousin, Richard Lloyd Jones, and is one of Wright's largest residential builds. It is the only Wright-designed project in Tulsa.

(All images by Sotheby's)

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Kenzo House In Paris Hits The Market (Someone please buy it for me)

The home of Kenzo Takada, late founder of the Kenzo fashion brand, has come on the market. Set within a courtyard of a traditional 18th-century building, it is a serene oasis in the bustling Bastille area of Paris.

Photography: Christie's International Real Estate

Read more

Buying An Abandoned House In Japan

Image: Andrew Faulk for The New York Times

Japan has millions of empty houses. Want to buy one for $25,000?

Read more:  The New York Times

Arctic Monkeys' "Do I Wanna Know?" Acoustic Guitar Cover

This is indeed awesome!

Drone Captures Unique Images of Ballet

Hibiscus | © Brad Walls

Award-winning fine art photographer Brad Walls collaborated with the English National Ballet for a photography project showcasing ballet dancers from above.

Eternal Spring

Melting ice symbolizes spring, but it can also symbolize global warming.

Eternal Spring from Christopher Dormoy