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Lisa Loeb's "Stay" by Dave Grohl and Greg Kurstin

Maze Master

David Byrne and the cast of American Utopia perform "Zimbra"

Giant Quarry Saw

Amelia Earhart takes a spin in Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Car (1933)

Vertigo A.I.

The Coded Changi Quilts

Music For Sunday Morning

Sunday Links

Wood Quilts

The Bats

Beach House

Sculpt The World

She Folds Paper

Dance Like No One's Watching

RIP Margo Guryan

Treetop Hot Wheels Track

Radical Love

Ye Olde Service Station

Chocopecankin -The Turducken of Desserts

Alice's Restaurant

The Coin

Insects in Flight

Happy Thanksgiving To My American Friends

Chicks' cheeks are landing strips

Vintage Snow Goggles

Feeding Eggs to Foxes at SAVEAFOX Rescue

Disney rejection letter to a female artist, 1938


Preserved Soviet Mosaics

Puzzling Pajamas

Tante Marie Talks Turkey

My Found Object is a shopping list

Toddler Tamers

Fractal Of Hands

May have been drunk?

The better to hear you with

Running Up That Hill

A Swarm of Caterpillars

Sunday Links

Music For Sunday Morning

Wrappin' With Coolio

Turning a small bolt into a work of art

Umbrellas Opening

Happy Caturday

Eggs On An iPhone

Mammatus clouds over Cordoba

Road to Xmas Board Game

Buffy Gets Her Own Stamp

Why Do Bees Buzz in Sync?

Common Sands


Don't Rub Your Eyes!

A Short History Of The Highrise

How period movies turn back the clock on city streets.

Musical Train

Catastrophic Floods in British Columbia

Dumbo Octopus

What is that Wes Anderson style?

Flex Mex

Mid-century Modern Laser Cut Christmas