Sunday, April 25, 2021

Sunday Links

Designer Dram allows you to develop your own bespoke tipple.

Tune in to forests around the world at 

“Of all my books, the one I love most is The People of the Abyss. No other work of mine contains as much of my heart.” Jack London's Photos of London's East End in 1902 

EarthPorn - The Prettiest Places on Earth

John Mulaney is hilarious: Pride and Prejudice in 20 minutes 

Humans ruin everything: Frenchies, labradoodles and the dilemma of the designer dog  (Thanks Bruce!)

This Hip Hop Eames Chair makes my plain black one look pretty meh.

Dante's Vacation An oldie but goodie from my friend, the multi-talented Mike The Writer Guy.

Lomax Digital Archive available online.

There are weed psychics in Maine who will find your weed and get it back to you asap. (Thanks Bruce!)

The first female wolf in Lassen County, California in nearly a century.  Read more

A walking tour of Regent's Canal I've done this walk but not all at once because there are many distractions that draw me off the 9 mile path. Little Venice to Granary Square is my favourite part of the walk. It includes the London Zoo, Regent's Park, Camden Market and more restaurants than you can shake a stick at.

Gone are the days when you'd buy a nickel bag of weed from your friend's big brother down at the corner. Today's cannabis dispensaries have taken it up a lot of notches.

Is there anything the Airo car can't do?

Some nice vintage photos of the viaduct in Morlaix which opened in 1865 as a vital link in the main line from Paris to Brest operated by Chemins de Fer de l’Ouest. (Make sure you click the images for a larger view)

 Cooking with Herman Melville (No, it's not whale)

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