Sunday, April 25, 2021

From Scraps

Philadelphia based artist and animator Lydia Ricci transforms  transforms found scraps into beautiful little objects.

See more of Ricci's work at The Jealous Curator


  1. Twenty was a lot of dollars in those days; it's like $100 now. It was shrewd of her to drive a hard bargain and ratchet him up.

    Old nylons are good for many things. You can put them on a ring of coat-hanger wire to make a pop filter for a microphone. You can stretch the material over a big video lens to give a halo-ey romantic soft-focus look to everything. You can tie up a burglar, filter tea when the teabag broke, put other things inside it in the dryer or the glovebox to keep them together, tape a leg of one over (and hanging inside) the vacuum hose and then vacuum around your workplace to catch valuable tiny parts you've dropped into the rug. So useful.

    And it's weird, but immediately before I looked at your site today I was writing about model rocket projects and had just got to the part of using a L'eggs egg for the nosecone on a model rocket in 1986. Because L'eggs nylons came in perfect big shining-silver plastic eggs.

  2. It was like everyone suddenly woke up and realized that they needed to buy pantyhose in oversized plastic eggs. Genius marketing but seriously weird.