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Portable Arcade

Burning Piano 2008

Yippee aye oh ki yay! Live the cowboy life in New Zealand

The Serene Dreamscapes Of Paul Milinski

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The Astra-Gnome Concept

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R2D2 Sounds for bird mimicking

I'm Starting to Feel the Pain

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Your Highness Grandmother Pageant

Animated Kitten (1968)

Virtual Tour of the Ghibli Museum

Music For Sunday Morning

Indonesia’s Tricked Out Vespas

Sunday Links

Falling Cats

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LEGO Relief Map

A Better World

Hearing "Jolene" for the first time

Boryana Ilieva’s poetic survey of cinematic architecture

How To Tell A Raven From A Crow

New Walkers Poppadums

Pic Of The Day

Hand-Illustrated Map Of the MET's Collections

Meadows Clear Up

March March

Mystery Of Medieval Blue Dye Finally Solved

Iceland: The Land of Fire and Ice

Sand Drawing Robot

A dragon reads a story to puppies !

The rise and fall of Blockbuster Video

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How Georgia O'Keeffe Became Georgia O'Keeffe


The first typewriter prototype was made with 11 piano keys

How to Make Pop-up Book

The World According to Le Corbusier

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Extreme Pogo

Humongous Corrugated Iron Creations

Trump's Insane Ramp Speech in Indie Folk Style

Swap Faces With Your Tattoo

Jigsaw puzzles inspired by travel

Altered Painting Shows Which Founding Fathers Owned Slaves

Ring Of Fire Eclipse Timelapse

Charles Jones, Gardener & Photographer

Now Is the Time

A New Life

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Music For Sunday Morning

A full-page ad in the Oklahoma Eagle is meant to be turned into a protest poster.

Belgium's Flower Carpet Miniaturized

Craft thy own Bayeux Tapestry

How Fast Can a Vaccine Be Made?

The Tournament:The Power of Community

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Barbican, 1969


Huge Artwork Pays Homage to Doctor Killed By COVID-19

Emulsional Rescue



Sugar Rice Krinkles

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About that heart-shaped honeycomb

International Eraser Museum

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Age Against The Machine

Burn -'em-Up Barnes, King of the Dirt Tracks (1934)

Curb Side, Baby

Cats' Killer Senses

Masks Printed With Your Own Face

Accent Expert Reviews British Accents in Movies

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BMW Balance Bicycle

Stop-motion Dance Video

Stop and Search


Painted Rugs Seem To Leap From the Canvas.

Tammy and the T-Rex

New Animated Version of 'Where Do the Children Play'

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