Thursday, April 30, 2020

Tweet of the Day

Bug Hotel Mini-Beast Mansion

Make an apartment building for bugs out of a stump. It takes skill and the right tools but, if you have what it takes, the finished product is worth it. 

"A healthy population of insects supports so many animals up the food chain. Some insects will use your hotel as a home; others will lay eggs in it and rear their young; some will prey on others; some will hibernate in it."

c. 1920: Hand-coloured flowers

An absolutely beautiful set of hand-coloured lantern slides of Albertan flowers and plants created by William McCalla (1872-1862), a botanist and teacher.

See more images: Retronaut


Dubai had a rare strong rainfall last week. Ahmad Alnaji documented this wave of rain and low clouds from the second tallest residential tower in the world in a dramatic two minute time-lapse.

Via PetaPixel

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

It will take more than turning a seat around to stop COVID-19

I saw this Janus seat design touted on several blogs today as an answer to contagion on airplanes.

After seeing the GIF below that shows how the virus spreads on an aircraft I doubt that turning the middle seat around would have much of an effect. It's like shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic.

Tweet Of The Day

Zen Garden Toast

Japanese designer Manami Sasaki uses toast as her canvas. I love this Japanese rock garden breakfast art.

More toast here
Via Spoon & Tamago

Shed /Camera

Camera builder Brendan Barry turns a backyard shed into a giant camera for  large format photography.

Via Petapixel

Wes Anderson's Social Distancing

Luis Azevedo made a short supercut of moments in Anderson’s movies where the characters are practicing good social distancing techniques.

Via Kottke

Initials of Zeghere van Male

The Songbook of Zeghere van Male is a four volume manuscript from Bruges of 500-year-old songs and motets illustrated with illuminations depicting ornamental and historiated initials.

Letter 'T' from 'Initials of Zeghere van Male' by Kajetan Obarski,
photo: courtesy of the artist
Letter 'S' from 'Initials of Zeghere van Male' by Kajetan Obarski,
photo: courtesy of the artist

In his  Initials of Zeghere van Male project,  animator and photographer Kajetan Obarski brings movement to the ornate initials of the original work.

Via Imperica

Ethan 2018

 Ethan Sonneborn is 13 years old. He loves dogs, basketball and fishing — and he's running for governor of Vermont.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Tweet Of The Day

Tony Santoro's Guide to Illegal Tree-Planting

Via MeFi

Size Comparison Of Fictional Land Vehicles

This video from MetaBall Studios compares the size of fictional pop culture land vehicles.

Via Geekologie

Living inside Brazil’s largest apartment complex amid a pandemic

Image: João Pina is a contributing photographer
for National Geographic

The Copan Building in São Paulo, Brazil has 1,160 apartments. It is the largest residential building in Latin America and even has its own Zip code. As the Brazilian president denies the death toll from COVID-19, the Copan building has taken its own measures to halt the crisis. The 80-year-old manager of the complex took immediate action on COVID-19 and, at the time this article was written, there were still no confirmed cases in the building.

Read more

Tulips Say "Be Strong"

Photo: Wilbert Bijzitter/ANP/AFP via Getty Images
S. Schouten Nursery in Bant, Netherlands cut the flower heads in a field of tulips to create  a message of support.



 Thousands of invisible front line workers risk their health every day to bring food to your couch. They are the backbone of this city, they are the essential.

Rolls Royce Musical Exhaust Whistle

Images: Just A Car Guy

Thanks Bruce!

Monday, April 27, 2020

Positive and Uplifting Stories Only

Italian artist Mauro Gatti was exhausted by the depressing news stories coming out of the global pandemic so he decided to create a series of positive headline illustrations.

Check out his Happy Broadcast for more uplifting headlines.

Via Moss and Fog

Tweet Of The Day

Via Messy Nessy 

As Above

As Above is a short film exploring the tight link between the microscopic world and immensity of the universe.

AS ABOVE from Roman Hill on Vimeo.

Via MeFi

Kitty Couches

I posted this pic I found on Facebook because the cat bears a startling resemblance to my feline nemesis, Carmen. I am not going to knit her a couch but if you are a crafty doting cat mum here's how it's done:  Kitty Couches Crochet Pattern

Pattern Singing In Iran

The Woven Sounds is project by Mehdi Aminian and his team that documents the intangible cultural heritage, the singing and music styles around the process of carpet weaving in Iran.

Bacon, Beans, and Limousines

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose…

Thanks Bruce!

Hong Kong’s Human Battery Hens

Barely bigger than a toilet cubicle, these spaces serve as a kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, pantry and everything in between for their cooped-up inhabitants. Their location? Hong Kong. One of the richest cities in the world.

Read more: Design You Trust

Sunday, April 26, 2020

14 Batman Window Cameos


Via Memo of the Air

Sunday Links

This photo installation by Johanna Martensson (above) shows a city of bread decomposing over time Via Everlasting Blort

The Last Thing She Wrote  From the book My Wife Said You May Want to Marry Me: A Memoir by Jason Rosenthal.

Stroll through the Japanese Garden in Bloom  Immerse yourself in this 18-minute journey at full screen with sound. Very relaxing.

South Korean Board Game About Fighting Sexism Gets China Release In Li Zhihui’s Life, players must decide how to respond to over 30 scenarios of gender discrimination.

Planet of the Apes Collectors Edition Features Gorgeous Art

Classic Skyscrapers Define New York. Take a Virtual Tour.

Maps from Isolation  Life in New York City gets much smaller during coronavirus outbreak.

Surfcity How fast is this guy going? Via Memo of theAir

Things I Learned From Dad-Land'O Lakes Butter Box  Via Rusty Blazenhoff

Is this the end of Airbnb? A good article on a monster organization that has hollowed out neighbourhoods. Thanks Bruce!

The British island that’s not in the UK I knew that Manx cats have no tails but was otherwise ignorant about the Isle Of Man. This article has made me curious to know more about it.

The Buick Flamingo (1961) was based on a production Electra 225 convertible, but with several noteworthy modifications, starting with the color: an eye-searing pearlescent pink.

The History of the Hawaiian Shirt

It’s as if time has stood still: French World War I Soldier’s Bedroom Untouched For Over 100 Years

Wuhan’s Return to Life: The first epicenter is coming back to life, but not as anyone knew it. Thanks Bruce!

From mannish water to funeral potatoes: The World’s Most Comforting Foods

Elbow Sock for coronavirus sneezing

Hotels with history: World’s Oldest Hotels

These People Risked their Lives to Advance Medicine and Cure Disease

The Tummy Tutor Because some of you might need this by the time The Great Pause is over.

Inside The Stones  Take an interactive tour of Stonehenge.

The Food Expiration Dates You Should Actually Follow Here’s the first thing you should know: Expiration dates are not expiration dates.

Kodachrome Stories: Beautiful mid-20th century photos from Lee Shulman's Anonymous Project.

Traditional Hand Stirred Maple Cream. Just one ingredient required. No kidding. Via

Iconic Art Deco Department Store Frozen in Time Inside an LA Law School

Music For Sunday Morning

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Carmen Miranda Colourized

Here's an after lunch pick me up for you. Dance like Carmen Miranda in Copacabana.

Shoppers crash Fluevog site during presale of Dr. Bonnie Henry shoes

Dr Bonnie Henry: "This is our time to be kind, to be calm, and to be safe."

Dr. Bonnie Henry is British Columbia’s Chief Provincial Health Officer and has been an outstanding source of knowledge and reassurance during the current fight against Covid-19. Vancouver's Fluevog Shoes named their new Dr. Henry limited edition colourway after her and demand for the shoes was so intense that shoppers crashed the company's website. All proceeds will go to B.C. food banks.

This Will Keep You Busy For Awhile

Looking for a way to keep yourself occupied during The Great Pause? Kodak has just the thing for you. The World’s Largest Puzzle is  a 28 ft (8.5m) long monster puzzle with 51,300 pieces. It costs $600 but who knows how long we'll be stuck indoors? It's actually made up of 27 individually packaged puzzles.

More here

Thanks Bruce!

Inside a monarch swarm

A spy hummingbird ventures into the heart of a monarch butterfly swarm.


If You're Ready

Coincidences! Love! An anonymous package! A dreamy journey through Los Angeles!

Friday, April 24, 2020

Stanley Tucci Shows How To Make a Negroni

And now I want one.

Due to COVID-19 Instagram Is Adding Account Memorialization

Instagram has accelerated plans to roll out its account memorialization feature. "We’ve been working on these updates for some time, though this is one — among others — that we’ve accelerated in light of COVID-19 to help support our community during a difficult time." Plans include adding a “Remembering” banner under a username to signal that a person has died.

Read more here

Living In A Ghost Town

New single is the band's first new release in eight years.

Via: Miss Cellania

A look inside the restoration of Notre Dame cathedral

Read the story: Science Magazine

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Every Covid-19 Commercial

Corporate Covid-19 response videos are eerily similar. *Cue somber piano music*

Via Everlasting Blort

Malcolm Mclaren Presents Double Dutch

Via everlasting blort 

Andy Goldsworthy Makes Some Art

Waldemar Januszczak and Andy Goldsworthy create some impromptu land art in the Scottish borders.

Via 3 Quarks Daily

Tweet Of The Day

Coloring Sheets Inspired Iconic Films

 Jordan Bolton, known for celebrating the small things in movies, has recently introduced his own set of free printable coloring sheets inspired by posters he made commemorating Wes Anderson and Hayao Miyazaki films. 

More here

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Tweet Of The Day

Rattan Cages To Aid Social Distancing?

Well-distance-being means we should avoid physical interactions and spend more time over alternative solutions. Let's hope it doesn't come to this.

The Well-Distance-Being project was created for the United Nations' Global Call Out to Creatives initiative
More here

Journey's Separate Ways, The Quarantine Edition

The Heller family recreated Journey's "Separate Ways" music video while in quarantine. Here are the two versions side-by-side:

Widowed Penguins Enjoy the Melbourne Skyline

Image credit
This photograph made my day. Two fairy penguins stood for hours, flipper in flipper, watching the the Melbourne skyline. The elderly female penguin and the younger male had both lost their partners and clearly enjoy one another's company. Photographer Tobias Baumgaertner captured this tender moment .

More here

The 737 Max Skyscraper

The Boeing 737 Max was pulled from production after malfunctions caused fatal air crashes. Designers Victor Hugo Azevedo and Cheryl Lu Xu had an idea:
“An airplane is a building that flies – so why not use it as a building material?”
The designers propose repurposing airplane fuselages as homes for retired military veterans. The 737 Max Tower, which they entered in the 2020 eVolo Skyscraper Competition, stacks Boeing 737s vertically in the shape of a Jenga-tower.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The Still

Wunderman Thompson producer, Henry Wiltshire, collaborated with industry friends, Luke Nutt and Mike Rodgers on this moving tribute to the Britain's National Health System.

More: Creative Boom

Ukulele Lockdown

Crazy performed by George Hinchliffe's Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain while in self isolation.

Via The Awesomer

Quarantine Dog Good Boy

The Great Human Sadness changed everything.

Tweet Of The Day

Good thread.

Still Here (還在)

In Kaohsiung, Taiwan, a few residents refuse to leave their now-abandoned village.

Soviet Space Exploration Images

In Soviet Space Graphics: Cosmic Visions From the USSR, Moscow Design Museum founder Alexandra Sankova compiled a collection of more than 250 vintage illustrations from Soviet media which has been published by Phaidon. The book is available here

Technology for the Youth, issue 2, 1959,
Illustration by B. Dashkov for the article ‘What Would a Space Station on the Moon Look Like?’

More: Mental Floss

Via Memo Of The Air

Monday, April 20, 2020

Peter Beard, Wildlife Photographer on the Wild Side, Dies at 82

Mr. Beard photographed African fauna at great personal risk. He was an adventurer and ladies' man and well into old age could party till dawn. He had been missing for 19 days.

New York Times Obit Here

Tweet Of The Day

Where did the airlines park their airplanes?

Victorville California is currently one of the largest airplane parking lots in the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Via FB pal Hal

Thomas Annan's Photographs of 'The Old Closes and Streets of Glasgow’ 1868

Main Street, Gorbals.
 In 1726 author Daniel Defoe described Glasgow as "a large stately and well-built city, standing on a plain in a manner four-square, and the five principal streets are the fairest for breadth, and the finest built I have ever seen in one city together." But the city centre which had once been home to Glasgow’s wealthiest class, became a hub for industry and trade. The once beautiful tenements and townhouses fell into disrepair and became overcrowded slums for the new working class who had flocked to the city in search of work.
Photographer Thomas Annan (1829-1887) was commissioned by Glasgow’s authorities to document the last of the city’s slums, which were considered to be the worst in Europe. He published his work in The Old Closes and Streets of Glasgow.

Close at 80 High Street.

Close at 118 High Street.

Read more: Flashbak

Berlin’s east-west divide is still visible from space

Maps of Berlin today show it as a unified whole. You’d have to work hard to pick out exactly where the dividing wall once was. But in aerial photographs, the boundary is a sharp, clear line, mirroring where the wall once stood. In 2013 Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield took this aerial photo of Berlin from the International Space Station.

More: CityMetric

Via Oink

Thanks For The Dance: The Hills

Director  Vincent Haycock shares his artistic response to Leonard Cohen's posthumous album, Thanks For The Dance.  French cinema star Issach de Bankolé plays a world-weary protagonist on the streets of Texas, reminiscing about his past. I found it very affecting.

I can't make the hills
The system is shot
I'm living on pills
For which I thank God

My animal howls
My angel's upset
But I'm not allowed
A trace of regret


Norway's Fjords In 8K

Photographers Martin Heck and Morten Rustad took this spectacular high definition footage of Norway's fjords.

Via Memo Of The Air

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Spot the Differences

Europeana has made some Spot the Difference puzzles from artworks and paintings – see if you can spot 8 differences in each painting.
The first puzzle is The Bride’s Song, Gunnar Berndtson, Finnish National Gallery, CCO:

See more here

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Sunday Links


You can spin these 3D Models of the British Library’s 16th Century Globes (above)

Quarantine Pandemic Survival Map Free download

This trailer looks good: Miracle on 42nd Street - Documentary Film about Manhattan Plaza 

 I enjoyed this virtual literary tour  of the places in Yorkshire the Brontë sisters both frequented and were inspired by.

A guide to Joni Mitchell: A 17-hour chronological playlist

Ciudad Perdida predates Machu Picchu by several hundred years: A Visual Trek Through the Sweltering Jungle: In Search of Colombia’s ‘Lost City’

How is the current covid-19 pandemic changing the soundscape around us? Link

A white 2019 Audi A8 L sedan with extra fuel tanks in the trunk pulled away from a Midtown Manhattan parking garage late last Saturday night. It arrived at an oceanside hotel in Redondo Beach, Calif., less than 27 hours later. The New York Times

The Bird Master: an excerpt from Yoshiharu Tsuge’s semiautobiographical manga The Man without Talent. Thanks Bruce!

What We Can Learn From 1918 Pandemic Diaries Link

The Delightful Mutation Behind Siamese Cats

This week's house envy Not too big and fruit trees aplenty.

Making cocktails in Margate: Manhattans Project 

How to shop during a pandemic: The Coronavirus shopping list generator Via

A financially unstable mess but at the liquor store they call me ma’am: Art with great captions by Matt “the Mincing Mockingbird”

Globe-trotting photographers rediscover their own backyards: How does our view of neighbors and neighborhoods change when they’re the only people and places we can see?

Wisteria is in bloom in London!

Hitler’s Hospital: The Eerie Remains of Beelitz Sanatorium

Now you can make them at home: Doubletree Reveals Secret Cookie Recipe  Via

British Rail’s short experiment with travelling pubs: It is believed that the engineer who designed them, Oliver Bulleid based the design on The Chequers Inn at Pulborough, Sussex.

DIY Lever-Espresso Machine.  Via

Take a virtual tour of the tomb of Ramesses VI in the Valley of the Kings, Luxor

'Wet markets' launched the coronavirus. Here's what you need to know.

Samsung 's TV Boxes/ Cat Houses

Photo: Samsung
To help reduce its carbon footprint, Samsung will use “eco-friendly corrugated cardboard” packaging on its higher-end TVs. Scanning a QR code on the boxes with a mobile device grants access to instruction manuals for turning the cardboard into magazine racks, shelving, end tables, or a cat house (because cats love cardboard boxes).


Walk Through A Raffaello Exhibition

A walk through the Raffaello 1520-1483 exhibition. A succession, room after room, of faces, looks and gestures of extraordinary beauty.

Music For Sunday Morning

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Cornell FeederWatch Cam

For the birdwatchers:



June Almeida Identified The Corona Virus Decades Ago

Scientist June Almeida operates an electron microscope in 1963
at the Ontario Cancer Institute in Toronto, Canada
Image: Norman James Toronto Star/Getty

Half a century ago scientist June Almeida was the first person to see a coronavirus using microscope techniques she developed but she received little recognition. Her breakthrough in virology research was all the more remarkable because the 34-year-old scientist never completed her formal education.

More here

Thanks Bruce!

Aubrey Beardsley at Tate Britain

Before his untimely death aged twenty-five, Aubrey Beardsley produced over a thousand illustrations. He drew everything from legendary tales featuring dragons and knights, to explicit scenes of sex and debauchery. Tate curators Caroline Corbeau-Parsons and Alice Insley discuss the iconic illustrator's short and scandalous career.


DIY mask made using coffee filters

This mask creates a seal around the face using just five sheets of coffee filter paper, a glue stick and a pair of scissors.

More here

Another Surprise Release From Bob Dylan

More: Literary Hub

Friday, April 17, 2020

The Ever Changing Motor Car

1965 film from Ford of Britain by the directors who went on to create the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine:

Via Just A Car Guy

Pets in Isolation

Bob lost his goddamn mind…

Philip, The Last Sweet Potato

A sweet love story from author and illustrator Sophie Blackall.

Via swissmiss 

Basquiat Barbie!!!

The Jean-Michel Basquiat X Barbie Doll is the brainchild of Mattel designer Carlyle Neura. She looks absolutely fabulous in a head-to-toe ensemble featuring many well-known elements from works spanning Basquiat’s career.

Available for pre-order here

More: if it's hip, it's here

'A Reminder That Nature Is Strong'

Claire Harbage/NPR
The Takizakura or "waterfall cherry tree" in Miharu, Japan is more than 1,000 years old and has lived through wars and famines, earthquakes and storms. In 1912 it was designated as a national natural monument. Most years thousands of tourists come to marvel at the ancient tree. This year it bloomed alone.

Read more:NPR

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Capt Tom Moore's NHS fundraiser

Captain Tom Moore originally wanted to raise £1,000 for NHS Charities Together by completing laps of his garden before his 100th birthday.

But he smashed his target after more than 700,000 people made donations to his fundraising page.

Captain Tom's Giving Page

More: BBC News

Dinner and The Card Game

Sometimes quarantine seems a bit confining. Great fireworks, and one of the best "double-slaps" in movie history!

A friend posted this on Facebook. I hope I don't have to go over there and slap some sense into her.

Notre Dame bell rings for health workers

The 13-ton bell in the south tower of the Notre Dame traditionally rings on solemn occasions.

My Quarantine Life

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Messages From Quarantine

How do you safely document a country that’s entirely under lockdown? Last week, these Milanese filmmakers found a way. The short documentary was shot with a drone flown through the shuttered neighborhoods of Milan — capturing life unfolding from windows, balconies and roofs.