Sunday, June 30, 2019

Sunday Links

Illustration by Homestead
John and Paul’s Lost Reunion: Five years after the Beatles disbanded, a period fueled by intense acrimony, Lennon and McCartney set aside their differences and got back together one more time.

This is hilarious: Maura Quint’s Presidential Debate Recaps: The One Where Everyone Tries to Speak Spanish 

Very cool: Lights at sea An interactive map of the world’s lighthouses and their signal patterns. Via

Elvis Costello’s 500 Must-Have Albums: From Abba to Zamballarana, and from Mozart to Eminem, one of rock’s finest talents (and an enduring favourite of mine) has identified 500 albums essential to a happy life. If they're good enough for Elvis they're good enough for me. Via

July 1 Is Moving Day for All of Montreal’s Renters : Moving Day is a 269-year tradition in Quebec with no end in sight. I grew up in Montreal and am familiar with this mayhem. My mother never found an apartment she liked and we moved every year like clockwork. Back then Moving Day was May 1.

He Cyberstalked Teen Girls for Years—Then They Fought Back

A quiz for the last day of Pride Month:  Stories with Pride 

These Fourth of July Inspired Cocktail Recipes would work for Canada Day too.

No soundtrack, no commentary, just old toy restorations  Rescue and Restore is a YouTuber who takes vintage to antique toys and makes them look and work like new.

What It’s Like to Work on a 30-Year-Old Macintosh  (It's awesome)

Why China Has Hundreds Of Empty 'Ghost' Museums

The Louvre in Paris has commissioned two of France’s top perfumers  to come up with fragrances to go with some of its greatest treasures. Link

Captain Ginger is a New Comic Book About a Starship Run By Cats You know you want it.

DIY Wool Dryer Balls They cut drying time by up to 25% and reduce static. Grabbed from my FB friend Edith who also suggests buying and unravelling a thrift shop wool sweater instead of buying wool.

World's Largest Hot Dog 

The Most Striking Photojournalism of June 2019

Check out Boluddha's breathtaking photographic exploration of space and lines.

How many squirrels live in NYC’s Central Park? We finally have the answer.

The London Transport Museum sells subway-themed socks

The Pianist and the Lobster : What if the lobster was essential? What if every pianist needs a lobster? What if everyone needs a lobster for something?

Here's another beauty from The Modern House. I check in at this site when I feel like dreaming.

How the Tower of London's Ravenmaster Sets the Scene for Avian Romance 

Cult of the Dead Cow: the untold story of the hacktivist group that presaged everything great and terrible about the internet

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019

Norman Stone got the obituary he deserved: “Many parents of Oxford students must be both horrified and disgusted that the higher education of our children should rest in the hands of such a man.” Via

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  1. Just finished reading an autobiography of John Lennon. Was really interesting.
    I remember moving May 1 in Montreal as well. We only did it three or four times. I remember my aunts moving as well.