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Allow Me To Give You The Gears

World's Largest Human Maple Leaf

These Photos Ended Child Labor in the US

Sunday Links

Music For Sunday Morning

80" Symphonic Gong played by Paiste Gong Master Sven

Fuck the Draft by Kiyoshi Kuromiya (1968) is up for auction.

Paroles d’Amour


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A Weaving Loom Controlled By An iPhone

Recreating John Pemberton's 1886 Coca-Cola Recipe

Balalaika Cover of "Still Loving You"

Digital Mirrors

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Fast Food Commercial Pays Homage to Richard Linklater’s "Boyhood"


Japanese Woodblock Prints Portray Inner Workings of The Human Body

Trove of historic silent movie posters were used as insulation.

Big Excitement Chez Nag

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Sunglasses Make Your World Look Like a Wes Anderson Film

Miracles on the Border: Retablos of Mexican Migrants to the United States

#Un Mundo Sin Muros

Shooting a Commercial with Robots

Former CIA Chief of Disguise Analyzes 30 Spy Scenes

Kiki, The Discerning Martini-Swilling Tabby

Space Camp Teaches the Art of Martian Medicine

LEGO Build Of The Beast's Library From Beauty And The Beast

50 years on people are still digging Woodstock

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Spirits of Havana by Luis Osvaldo Garcia, Bay Weyman

The Top of Mount Everest. Whoo-hoo!

Tiny Slug Brings Japanese Rail Line to Standstill

"Toy Story" Sneakers

We’re here, we’re queer, come dance with us!

Western Fronts

The Investigation: A Search for the Truth in Ten Acts

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Berlin in July 1945

Restoring Family Memories

The Polaroids of Robby Müller

Flying Wallendas cross Times Square on high wire

Giant Squid Caught on Camera for First Time in the US

Paul McCartney and his mullet go for a ride on the London tube in 1986.

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Fragments, graffiti and a hologram are all that remain of the giant Bamiyan Buddha

Music For Sunday Morning

Sunday Links

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Cycles Of Nature

First Contact

Joni Mitchell Hanging Out at Gordon Lightfoot's Place With Bob Dylan & Roger McGuinn

Richard Cardinal: Cry from a Diary of a Métis Child



A Film About The Whitechapel Bell Foundry

Jet Engine Grill

Purrfect Summer Shoes

Nike kitten heels?

Anatomy Of A Figure Skater

The Flying-V

How to Land the Space Shuttle... from Space

Said The Whale – Record Shop

How a City Planner Spends 3 Days in Buffalo

The Space Lady

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From Tadpole to Frog

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The Colorful History of the Rainbow Flag

Drone Footage of Chernobyl

Ethereal Hand-Knit Jewelry Inspired by Nature and Science

That Yorkshire Sound

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How To Improve A Press Conference

Which Europeans Believe in God?

New tech helps Maisy see again

Bondi-to-Manly hyperlapse

This Short Film Is Written Entirely By AI

Roller Skates