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Lords of the Isles

Sleeping Venice

Art Cooking

RIP Leon Redbone

The year 2100. In an effort to combat overpopulation, the postmortem social network 'Anvil' is released.

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Cosmic Communist Constructions

Not So Pretty In Pink

The Persistence of Chaos

The Rite

Anatomy of a Scene - The Florida Project

DBS Before/After

This Steak Is Hyper-Real

Moon Shining

First Shave

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London Street Scenes 1967

Regal Photographs of Nigerian Brides

Goodbye Mr Snuggles

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Counting the Costs

The Spice Bus Rides Again

Above and Beyond

Music For Sunday Morning

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Queen Elizabeth Hotel Adds Peace Symbol for 50th Anniversary of John Lennon Bed-In

Sunday Links

Political Baskets

Mail Boat Jumpers

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Brown Eyed Girl Never Sounded So Sad

Hong Kong Ballet 40th Anniversary Season Brand Video

Tower of London welcomes its first raven chicks in 3 decades


Samsung AI Turns a Single Portrait Into a Realistic Talking Head

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Happy Birthday Bob Dylan!

Neighbour Problems

A great story about a book reading

The Bavinger House

Lilacs in bloom at George Eastman Museum Gardens Rochester, NY

The Romanovs Twilight

The Quintet of the Sunset

Honey in space

The woman who helped discover dinosaurs


#LarsonShindelman #Mobilize

Banksy: "A Street Artist In Venice"

Body language explained by a former FBI agent

Attractive Cat Tower

Street Photography Through Time

My Dad, the Facebook Addict

A New Exhibition Will Offer Amazing Frank Lloyd Wright Pop Art Starting at $50 - Dwell

Cooking With Poison in Japan

If I Made a Commercial for Trader Joe's

"Falsies" for calves

Styrofoam dancing to sound waves

Cartographic Beasts Of North America

La Reina

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Boat Carved from an Olive Stone

Home Invasion

Sacred Spaces

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Music For Sunday Morning

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I Am Easy To Find


1944 Canadian Army Emergency Ration

Game Of Thrones Dragon Lamp

Bringing medieval Angkor to life

15 Facts About Grumpy Cat

An Unsolved Fashion Mystery

What is fake, what is real on Instagram?

This Speech Synthesis Model Recreates a Human Voice Perfectly

Henry Ford's Mirror of America 1962

In Syria The Worst Natural Disaster Is Mankind

The Periodic Table with country and date of discovery

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Street Stone

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World's Shortest International Bridge

The Streets of Havana

Let Stan Park Your Car At Gatwick

Catastrophe Quilt