Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Beach Party Genre

 Before John Hughes, before Dazed and Confused, and before Twilight, there were the Beach Party films – one of the first times Hollywood produced films that were specifically designed for and marketed to teenagers.

The Beach Party Genre from The Royal Ocean Film Society on Vimeo.

The Lion Chaser

When Richard Turere was just 9 years old he devised a light system to prevent night attacks by lions on his family's cattle herd in Kenya. These types of attacks often lead to the hunting and killing of the lions, which are endangered. BBC News returned to Kenya to find out what happened to the child prodigy.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Antoni Gaudí's Dragons

Architect Antoni is Barcelona's most famous artist. St George, the dragon slayer is the city's patron saint and Gaudí has placed dragons in his work throughout the city. The image above is the Dragon Gate guarding the estate of Eusebi Güell in the Pedralbes neighborhood of Barcelona. Below is his famous “El Drac” sculpture at the Parc Güell.

Read more about Gaudí's dragons.

Trophy Wife Barbie

She's rude and crude and gives the world the finger. Trophy Wife Barbie is an Instagram project by South African conceptual artist Annelies Hofmeyr and she is not the Barbie you know!  In her first post, she wields a bloody sword and clutches her ex-husband’s decapitated head. She's become more like the rest of us (except for the antlers and the decapitation).

A post shared by Trophy Wife Barbie (@trophywifebarbie) on



Vladimir Tomin uses image editing tools to manipulate scenery.


John Oliver debullshitifies Facebook's apology ads

Facebook apology ads are prevarication, misdirection and minimization dressed up as frank soul-searching. John Oliver's points this out. 


A Mime’s Silent Resistance

Legendary mime, Marcel Marceau, was a member of the French resistance against Nazi forces during World War II. Marceau helped a group of children escape Nazi-occupied France by using his skills of mimicry to lead them to safety in Switzerland.

A Mime’s Silent Resistance from Great Big Story on Vimeo.

History of the peace symbol

Credit: Eric Thayer/Getty Images North America

The internationally recognized peace symbol, designed by British artist Gerald Holtom in 1958, is an ordinary thing done extraordinarily well. It is meant to represent the letters "N" and "D" -- standing for "nuclear disarmament" -- as they appear in the semaphore alphabet, which is used by sailors to communicate from a distance with flags.

Read more

Line Rider - Mountain King

DoodleChaos synchronized Edvard Grieg's In the Hall of the Mountain King to his first line rider track, drawing everything by hand. The process took more than a month.

A Dog's Life

In her series, A Dog's Life, animal photographer Alicia Rius shows us the items that shape a dog's daily routine, giving us a glimpse into their hearts and minds.

Marmaduke, a rescued Pitbull mix, is shown next to the rotten food which was
basically what he ate before being rescued.

Bear, an English Bulldog, channels his frustration by chewing everything he can

Poor old Magda was ill when she was surrendered at the shelter. She has
endured a journey of vet visits, medications, skin treatments, daily injections

More: Creative Boom

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Mt. Fuji from the International Space Station

This astronaut photo of Mt Fuji, Japan’s tallest volcano (3,776 m) and a national symbol was taken from the International Space Station. The winter snow cover highlighted trails, roads, and other clearings above a certain elevation. Developments on Fuji’s lower flanks, which include military installations and tourist resorts, remained snow-free.

Via NASA Visible Earth

Stories In Structures

1960s wallpaper featuring cocktail drinking dogs was uncovered at the Tanner Hospital in Ely, Minnesota. At the time the hospital had been converted to apartments (apparently the tenants were hipsters).


Sunday Links

The Extreme Cyclists of the Navajo Nation: For some Navajo, cycling offers a way to connect with their landscape and heritage.

Trullo M is a dream vacation property in Puglia.

Who said it; Friedrich Nietzsche or Janelle Monáe?

Film and Furniture - For design geeks, film nerds and furniture fans

The shirt that raises money to support gun control, made by a girl who misses her dad 

My Ultimate Facebook Post by Brook J. Sadler

Punta Caliza Isla Holbox, Mexico This looks like a lovely place to get away from it all...

Listen to Springsteen's darker, original "Born in the USA" 

A Guide to Delightful (and Sinister) Pop Culture Dollhouses Via

The World as Seen in Vintage Photos

The Trump Family 1869–2018 Three generations of plunder.

Abandonments from Above: Drone Photos of Spain’s Crumbling Architecture e.

Wacky Victorian Humour - “Is there anything you would like to do before I press the button?” said the warden of Sing Sing to the murderer in the electric chair. “Yes, your honor,” said the latter. “I would like to get up and give my seat to a lady.” Via

Lost Neil Young, Joni Mitchell Concert Recordings From 1968 Unearthed

A veterinarian explains what dog and cat years really mean 

An attack stole Mark Hogancamp's memories and left him near death. He sought refuge in Marwencol, a 1:6th-scale World War II-era town that he built in his backyard.Welcome to Marwen

Avocado-Themed Bus Serving 'Bottomless' Guac  “Guaclandia” is embarking on a tour of America this weekend.

The New York Times’s Very Detailed Map of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

 Outstanding in the Field: A single long table set in an extraordinary site. Via

The Life of Jean Seberg in Pictures : "Her every movement is graceful, each glance is precise. The shape of her head, her silhouette, her walk, everything is perfect." - François Truffaut

The American Nightmare Donald Trump’s campaign to deter illegal immigration by separating children and parents at the border began with an Easter morning tweet, after Fox and Friends showed a caravan of Central American families traveling through Mexico to escape gang violence at home. “NEED WALL!” he fumed.

Community Plumbing: A History of the Hardware Store: The hardware store holds (and organizes) the tools, values, and knowledges that bind a community and define a worldview.

Lovely drone footage of a massive Argentine salt flat 

The weird and wonderful American roadtrip with John Margolies

Music For Sunday Morning

Friday, July 27, 2018

Sexy Toast?

Big Toast likes to slather himself with butter and pines for his ex-girlfriend, a fried egg.

Big Toast from Sacha Beeley on Vimeo.

Via Boing Boing

Pizza Patio Set

Canada-based, Boston Pizza, has created the Pizza Patio Set. While the table has been there all along, the added chairs will help celebrate patio season.


Via Foodiggity
You may have noticed that I've been posting less over the past week. We've had visitors but the major time sucker has been a tiny feral kitten named Carmen. I had to lure her gradually with food. She is now residing in her kitten condo (my sunporch) as I try to get her used to Lizzie, our patient 15 year old dog, and Joyce, our 13 year old tortie, who doesn't want any part of this adventure. She's awfully cute.

The Swarm Chaser

Maxwell Monty filmed a documentary about an enthusiastic beekeeper named Mandy. It's pretty good.

The Swarm Chaser from Maxwell Monty on Vimeo.

A Feather Tale

A Feather Tale, Michèle Cournoyer, provided by the National Film Board of Canada. A disturbing film about the repercussions on both sides when a woman succumbs to her lover’s demeaning fantasies.

More of Cournoyer's work here.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Microlino: Tiny Electric Car With Front “Hood Door”

This two-seat micro-machine features just one front door positioned where one would expect to find its engine, perfect for navigating and parking on tiny European streets.

small, electric microlino car soon to be driving along european streets from designboom on Vimeo.

More: Urbanist

Rare copy of Ada Lovelace's pioneering algorithm sold at auction

An 1843 leather-bound first edition of British mathematician Ada Lovelace’s pioneering computer program has been sold at auction for nearly £100,000.

First published in, the book contains Lovelace’s translation of paper from the Italian mathematician LF Menabrea discussing Charles Babbage’s plans for a computing machine. It also  features a groundbreaking algorithm, considered to be the first computer program.

Read More

Mom of the year?

Image: Brent Cizek

Photographer Brent Cizek snapped amazing photographs of a common merganser duck on a Minnesota lake with more than 70 ducklings trailing behind her. A local wildlife manager said the photos most likely depict a "creche" — a sort of duckling daycare, in which an older, more experienced mother duck will take care of the other females' babies. This creche is exceptionally latge.

More here

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Parkour Flip Book Style Animation

I may have posted this video in the past but this animation by illustrator and graphic designer Serene Teh is definitely worth another look.

Via TwistedSifter

How to Make Rainbow Pasta

Pasta artist Salty Seattle makes rainbow-striped pasta with flowers, vegetables, and spices adding the colour.


Sophia Narrett's complex embroideries

Sophia Narrett’s disturbing embroideries are definitely not your grandmother's needlework. They tell stories about the complexity of human relationships.

More: It's Nice That

Dadaist Cat and Dog Collages

Scottish collage artist and illustrator Lola Dupré creates strange dog and cat collages that give a tip of the hat to the Dada movement of the early twentieth century.

More: Fubiz Media

Lifelike cats made from wool felt

Japanese artist Wakuneco creates three-dimensional, felted felines that are so lifelike they could be mistaken for real cats.

More here

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Stranger Things Corn Maze

Exploration Acres in Lafayette, Indiana, creates the largest annually planted corn maze in the United States. This year's maze has over 20-acres of planted corn and 10 miles of trails with a Stranger Things theme. It would be terrifying to get lost in it.

Via Geekologie

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Your Brain On Kittens

If you are my Facebook friend you will know that this past week I have been totally absorbed with charming a feral kitten that was living under my hostas. This tiny big-eyed, big-eared furball has me under its spell. So I was very interested in what video neuroscience Ph.D. candidate Shannon Odell has to say about the mysteries of the kitten's impact on the brain.


1991 video envisions real estate agents in the year 2000

The Broker’s Office in the Year 2000 was produced in November, 1991 for a National Association of Realtors (NAR) conference. Apparently their vision of the future included shiny silver jumpsuits!

More here


Yes's Roundabout Broken Down

Rick Beato provides a breakdown of the multi-track master tape of Yes's Roundabout, one of the most complex, adventurous, innovative, progressive records ever made.

Via MetaFilter

HEXA, the sun-chasing robot

Chinese roboticist and entrepreneur Sun Tianqi has put a plant on this six-legged toy robot made by his company, Vincross. HEXA moves toward the sunshine when needed, and retreats to shade when it’s had enough:

It does a stomping dance when it needs watering:

How cute is that?

gifs: Sun Tianqi

More: The Verge

Cameraman Develops An Amazing Relationship With a Wild Lynx

Cameraman Sam Ellis spent 76 days tracking wild Canadian lynx through the Yukon wilderness and developed a relationship with on he named Mad Max.
This unique relationship allowed Sam to capture some epic never-before-filmed behaviour — including a wild lynx successfully hunting a snowshoe hare.

Read more

Sunday Links

Whimsical Cardboard Machines and an Art Deco-Inspired Stop Motion Film by Daniel Agdag

Portmanteau words quiz

The Kennel Club's Dog Photographer of the Year Winners

The CIA's Simple Sabotage Field Manual: A Timeless Guide to Subverting Any Organization with "Purposeful Stupidity" (1944)

The geography of UK pub names

Five Women Fashion Photographers Who Changed The Industry  Via

Doonesbury Comic Strips About Trump Since 1987 Via

An entomologist rates ant emojis: Her eyes suggest she has seen things. Her expression confirms she has seen too much. She is haunted and I want to know more.

Atlantic City boardwalk and Coney Island boardwalk history

The Victoria Buddleia 
 It is a plant that is untidy by merely existing and that, I believe, is its charm.

The Sad Story Of London’s Red-Light Graveyard 

Was the Queen sending coded messages to Donald Trump via her brooches? Absolutely 

Mosaic Vermin Invade New York City as Part of Jim Bachor’s Latest Pothole Interventions

Infinite Facts: 15 Quotes on the Importance of a Free Press 

You’re Probably Pronouncing These 30 Food Words Wrong

Lovely home for sale in Londonderry, Vermont. I've spent a lot of time in that part of the world and could imagine living there, especially in a house like this.

Barack Obama’s 2018 Summer Reading List. (I won't speculate about what Trump might be reading)

New DNA tests show remains are Romanovs 

The 38 Essential Paris Restaurants

Five Picassos went missing from the L.A. Times. What happened to them?

The Extraordinary Life of Martha Gellhorn, the Woman Ernest Hemingway Tried to Erase Via

Music For Sunday Morning

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Robots made from waste

Mpho Makutu is a young man who grew up in a poor family in South Africa. He started building electronic inventions when he was still in elementary school. He began with toy cars and now builds complicated robots made from discarded materials and waste.

Read more: Pasa Bon!

Friday, July 20, 2018

True Facts About The Tarsier

The tarsier looks like a teddybear undergoing a colonoscopy.

A map of crow attacks in Vancouver

Don't watch Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds before venturing outdoors in Vancouver - especially during nesting season.
If you want to avoid avian divebombing Jim O'Leary and Rick Davidson have developed Vancouver's user-populated CrowTrax, a tool that allows victims of crow attacks to plot their hits on a map.

Tips: wear a hat and avoid the downtown and West End where attacks occur more frequently.


London's Heathrow Airport Sometimes Hosts 'Ghost Flights' With No One on Them



Canuck and I

A charming story about a man and his crow.


Tiny Goats Visit River Otters

See more tiny goat visits to the Oregon Zoo here.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

iPhone Photography Award Winners 2018

The iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS) has chosen the 2018 winners from thousands of entries submitted by iPhone photographers from over 140 countries around the world.

JASHIM SALAM, Bangladesh
Grand Prize Winner, Photographer of the Year
Displaced Rohingya children watch a film about health and sanitation near Tangkhali refugee camp
Location: Ukhiya, Bangladesh
Shot on iPhone 7

1st Place – Animals 
Django is a Shaolin Temple Terrier, born and raised in a Buddhist monastery in the northern province
of Hunan China. Django likes long walks on the beach and listening to Miles Davis.
Location: Carlsbad, California

More here

The ruined spas of Abkhazia

During the USSR era Georgia and Abkhazia were areas where Soviets spent their holidays, enjoying the region’s warm climate and spring waters at the region's sanatoriums. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, most of the Soviet spas have been abandoned and left to crumble.
UK-based photographer James Kerwin travelled to Abkhazia earlier this year to capture the disintegrating architecture of its former Soviet resort towns.

More here

Stephan Zirwes showcases public pools

German photographer Stephan Zirwes hopes to spark appreciation of free swimming facilities through his Pools series that shows public swimming pools beautifully photographed from directly overhead by drones.

More here

I told my cat she wouldn't like salt and vinegar chips..


Happy Daiquiri Day

Celebrate with the classic Hemingway cocktail!


Butterflies drinking turtle tears

Isn't nature grand?


The Magic Of Handwriting


The Morgan Library and Museum is showcasing the handwriting of more than a hundred major artists, authors, composers, and historical figures drawn from the collection of Brazilian author and publisher Pedro Corrêa do Lago. The exhibition features 140 items, including letters by Lucrezia Borgia, Vincent van Gogh, and Emily Dickinson, annotated sketches by Michelangelo, Jean Cocteau, and Charlie Chaplin, and manuscripts by Giacomo Puccini, Jorge Luis Borges, and Marcel Proust.


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

On This Day

Nelson Mandela, anti-apartheid revolutionary, was born on this day one century ago.

Random Science Image Generator

The London Science Museum's Random Object Generator displays a different item every 10 seconds along with a short description and link to the object in their archive.


Lego James Bond Car Comes With All The Gadgets

Lego’s designers have recreated the 1964 Aston Martin DB5 that Sean Connery drove during his time as 007.

The brick version of Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 includes the rotating license plate, retractable bullet shield behind the rear window, tire slashers on the wheels, a telephone hidden in the driver’s door, a concealable tracking computer stashed away inside the dashboard, pop-out machine guns under the car’s headlights, and a functional passenger-side ejector seat. Wow!

Barbie's vlogs are woke. Who knew?

Need some helpful advice on living your best life? Watch Barbie’s Vlogs. Yes, that Barbie. In the episode below she talks about going a whole day without saying “sorry” as a reflex.



Congreve Rolling Ball Clock

In 1808 Sir William Congreve invented a type of clock that uses a ball rolling along a zig-zag track rather than a pendulum to regulate the time. It is known as Congreve's Rolling Ball Clock or Oscillating Path Rolling Ball Clock.

Unfortunately these clocks are unreliable timekeepers — the time taken for the ball to travel along the track varies greatly depending on the cleanliness of the track and ball, and since the plate is aligned horizontally, it is easy for dust to accumulate.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Death of Emmett Till

The woman who made the allegations against 14 year old Emmett Till 65 years ago has recanted some of her claims. She lied, he died a horrible death.

Town to Town

Photographer Niall McDiarmid captures portraits of the people of all ethnicities, sexualities and genders who live in Britain today. Niall’s project, Town to Town, reaches into the heart of his country.

More: It's Nice That

David Lynch Commercials

This compilation of commercials directed by David Lynch shows the work he did with some very big brands.

More: Open Culture



I am a blackfly magnet and have learned to avoid northern Ontario in May and June.

Via NFB Blog

Carving a 5-Minute Wood Wizard

In this video, woodcarver and bushcrafter, Doug Outside, shows you how to carve a wizard head in around 5 minutes.


High Tech Bed

If I had a bed like this I'd never leave it.


Monday, July 16, 2018

This grisly murder led to the creation of the crime scene investigator’s ‘murder bag’

"A ‘murder bag’ or ‘detectives box’ is a kit used by crime scene investigators that contains protective gear and tools to recover evidence. The first steps in the creation of the ‘murder bag’ were made by 19th century medicolegal pioneers who wrote a forensics manual for physicians and demonstrated the usefulness of tools like swabs for evidence collection. But it was not until after a particularly gory murder scene in 1924, that a CSI kit did not become an integral part of investigative protocol."

Read more: Strange Remains

Philosophy Feud

Philosophy Feuds: Freud vs Jung from Aeon Video on Vimeo.

Via everlasting blort 

How Vinyl Records Are Made

How are LPs manufactured today? Pretty much the same way they’ve been produced for the past 50 years. This video, made in 1956 by RCA Victor, gives a detailed description of the process.

How Vinyl Records are Made - The Sound and the Story (1956) from Course Media on Vimeo.

More: Open Culture

The World's Weirdest Time Zones

 RealLifeLore explains some of the weirder anomalies in global time (politics plays a part).

Via Miss Cellania

Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Hangman: What Happens When No One Dares to Stand Up to Evil

A parable about the consequences of being a bystander to evil, from a disturbing poem by Maurice Ogden, read by Herschel Bernardi.

Read More: Open Culture


Sunday Links

Escaramuza Riders: Equestrian Women in Mexico and Arizona A stunning portfolio of photos of  mujeres duras by Devin DoyleVia

What Your Favorite ’80s Band Says About You - My safety word is "Nicaragua."

I made you birthday tacos, 873 miles away Good recipe, great story.

Bill Nighy reads The Invisible Child by Tove Jansso

Lede-Buried Voicemails From Your Mom 

How to Copy Your Favorite Authors’ Best Beach Looks  photos of twenty famous writers at the beach--luxuriating in the sand, goofing off with their dogs, canoodling with their loved ones, and surfing up a storm.

It came out of nowhere, this basement noise. Snuck in and took up residence without putting on airs. 50 Years On, The Band's 'Music From Big Pink' Haunts Us Still

Next week The Old Schoolhouse in Clapton goes up for auction. Will someone with vision and resources  be inspired to rescue the forlorn old schoolhouse and cherish it as it deserves? I might have to turn to crime to get the moolah to rescue this baby.

Great Reviews Of Movies I Have Never Seen Read this, it's hilarious!

10 Beautiful Films for Photography Fans

The Fuggerei: The World’s Oldest Housing Complex Where Rents Haven’t Gone Up For 500 Years Thanks Bruce!

Stairway to heaven: The founder of Led Zeppelin shows off Tower House, his beloved Victorian castle in London. Nice photographs.

What's your secret nationality? You may not be who you think you are. Apparently I am Turkish.

Gregorian Chant Generator

From neuticles to pawdicures The Secret Price of Pets 

Smoke some shoes? The DEA's list of slang terms for cannabis 

 Here's What A Manhattanhenge VIP Viewing Experience Looks Like

First Murder Solved by a Fingerprint Via

TC Electronic pull 'sexist' guitar pedal following outrage in the musical community

United States of Protest: A Citizen’s Guide to 250 Years of Resistance  Via

The UFOs we want : Apparently UFOs haven’t changed much since the 1960s, defying physics and outrunning fighter jets.

She Said, He Said: Quotes by Alice Munro and Oliver Sacks: this quote mashup highlights the way one author’s thoughts can complement another’s.