Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday Links

Escaramuza Riders: Equestrian Women in Mexico and Arizona A stunning portfolio of photos of  mujeres duras by Devin DoyleVia

What Your Favorite ’80s Band Says About You - My safety word is "Nicaragua."

I made you birthday tacos, 873 miles away Good recipe, great story.

Bill Nighy reads The Invisible Child by Tove Jansso

Lede-Buried Voicemails From Your Mom 

How to Copy Your Favorite Authors’ Best Beach Looks  photos of twenty famous writers at the beach--luxuriating in the sand, goofing off with their dogs, canoodling with their loved ones, and surfing up a storm.

It came out of nowhere, this basement noise. Snuck in and took up residence without putting on airs. 50 Years On, The Band's 'Music From Big Pink' Haunts Us Still

Next week The Old Schoolhouse in Clapton goes up for auction. Will someone with vision and resources  be inspired to rescue the forlorn old schoolhouse and cherish it as it deserves? I might have to turn to crime to get the moolah to rescue this baby.

Great Reviews Of Movies I Have Never Seen Read this, it's hilarious!

10 Beautiful Films for Photography Fans

The Fuggerei: The World’s Oldest Housing Complex Where Rents Haven’t Gone Up For 500 Years Thanks Bruce!

Stairway to heaven: The founder of Led Zeppelin shows off Tower House, his beloved Victorian castle in London. Nice photographs.

What's your secret nationality? You may not be who you think you are. Apparently I am Turkish.

Gregorian Chant Generator

From neuticles to pawdicures The Secret Price of Pets 

Smoke some shoes? The DEA's list of slang terms for cannabis 

 Here's What A Manhattanhenge VIP Viewing Experience Looks Like

First Murder Solved by a Fingerprint Via

TC Electronic pull 'sexist' guitar pedal following outrage in the musical community

United States of Protest: A Citizen’s Guide to 250 Years of Resistance  Via

The UFOs we want : Apparently UFOs haven’t changed much since the 1960s, defying physics and outrunning fighter jets.

She Said, He Said: Quotes by Alice Munro and Oliver Sacks: this quote mashup highlights the way one author’s thoughts can complement another’s.

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