Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sunday Links

How Fashion Has Constricted Women’s Bodies Over 250 Years Yet another reason why we're cranky.

How Long It Takes to Reach a City From Every Place on Earth

A timeline for Lock and Co Hatters of London, the oldest hat shop in the world

Reading the Odyssey to My Four-Month-Old

Storming the Beach at Normandy: Andrew Cunanan’s Miami Murder Tour

The world's largest retirement community is testing self-driving taxis (when they say large they mean it)

A Subterranean Mystery on Oxford Street Is there a Victorian High Street underneath the present Oxford Street in London?

A font based on vintage Bulgarian lottery tickets 

Come for the Ride! Six destinations where getting there is all the fun.

The 1969 Easter Mass Incident Hilarious! Via 

n. putri is an embroidery artist living in indonesia. Her artworks are often confessional, depicting vivid melancholy and naiveté. Via

Distilling the Essence of Heaven: How alcohol could defeat the antichrist

The London Time Machine: Compare London of 1682 with aerial imagery from today, street by street. Via

Haint Blue, the Ghost-Tricking Color of Southern Homes and Gullah Folktales 

My dad voted for Trump—and my mom moved in with me 

Ax-Throwing Bars, Explained: Apparently establishments that pair alcohol with leisurely hurling deadly objects at targets are a Canadian thing. Who knew?

Cooking For an Ogre With Giambattista Basile: In her Eat Your Words series, Valerie Stivers cooks up recipes drawn from the works of various writers. This fairy tale menu looks delectable.

They’re so vain: pop culture’s most misguided vanity projects

For the First Time in 940 Years, the Bayeux Tapestry Will Leave France I saw it in Bayeux. I wonder where it will be shown in Britain.

Interesting Pictures of a Country Store on Dirt Road in North Carolina, 1939; It Is Still Standing More Than 70 Years Later!

Urban love letters 50 murals in West Philadelphia that were spawned in Brazil. Thanks Bruce!

Kopi Luwak, The World's Most Expensive Coffee Comes From The Poop An Animal I actually have a box of this. Does anyone want it? I'm serious.

Need a 45 minute break? Listen to pianist George Winston's 1982 album Winter Into Spring Via MetaFilter


Cyn X said...
great list. ty! :)

wassonii said...

Poop coffee still up for grabs?:)

xoxoxoBruce said...

Don't blame men for being cranky, fashion is women dressing to impress women. Naked with an intelligent conversation always works for me.

The Nag said...

Sorry wassonii, I mentioned it to a friend yesterday and she scooped it up like a pooper scooper. It was pretty old anyhow. I bought it in Indonesia two years ago but could not bring myself to try it.

The Nag said...

Bruce, I stopped dressing to impress years ago. No more makeup, heels or panthose, just jeans and ratty bathrobes ;)