Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday Links

Cats Had Clout Long Before the Internet For artists, cats prove to be more than elegant studio companions, but inspirations as well, says a new exhibition.

To recover your lost password simply answer these Insecurity Questions 

The Forgotten 'China Girls' Hidden at the Beginning of Old Films  (Via)

Ellen and Nicole Kidman Try to Learn Cooking Skills from Giada De Laurentiis It's hilarious.

These are so cute I can hardly stand it 15 Before And After Pics Of Animals Growing Up Together 

Britain’s hidden bike highways are being rediscovered and resurrected on Kickstarter

A Taste of Vintage Italia: Osteria del Castello is housed inside an old court of a medieval village just 25 kilometers outside of Milan. Lovely photos.

I’m Not a Robot When you’re autistic, respect is hard to come by.

Writing Female Characters is Easy A guide to creating relatable, dynamic, and realistic female characters.

Mistaken Identity Launches Social Worker into Career as Mature Model

In Search of Olga, Picasso’s Muse and First Wife

Did Winchester rifle heiress keep building her house to keep spirits of the rifle's victims at bay? Guns, ghosts and guilt: Helen Mirren portrays the widow whose Winchester Mystery House defies logic

If You Love The Handmaid's Tale, Check Out These 10 Other Works of Feminist Science Fiction

David Kirby: The Man Whose Photo Changed The Face Of AIDS

I thought I was old until I read this: these superhumans were born in the 1800s . Now I think I'm still a spring chicken.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Samara, a late-career gem in India

How Long Would It Take to Count to a Billion and What's the Highest Anyone Has Counted?

Cat Does Trust  Fall Thanks Bruce!

5 European road trips for your electric car

Tired Turtle Takes Nap Inside Sea Sponge  (Via)

The World's Largest Residential Cruise Ship Takes Community-at-Sea on Perpetual Vacation

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