Thursday, January 26, 2017

Zion Curtains

Zion curtains are barriers erected in Utah’s alcohol-serving establishments to protect underage patrons from observing liquor bottles and the act of tending bar. Bartenders must remain behind these barriers whenever they mix a drink.

The 2014 video (below) produced by the Mormon Church describes the law requiring barriers as one of the state’s “crucial statutes," which protects children from glamorizing booze and also keeps deaths from alcohol consumption low.


If you ask me, watching people get shitfaced and obnoxious might be more damaging to the welfare of children than the sight of liquor bottles. 


Zhoen said...

So condescending. The State makes lots of profits by it's state liquor stores, and treats the employees badly. They loosened the laws right before the Olympics, then gradually reintroduced many of them after. Businesses run afoul of quirks, and have to pay to reopen. (See Brewvies.

The Nag said...

The liquor outlets in Ontario are government run. They are very profitable and employees are paid a decent wage. They have also progressed with the times. When I was young the products were not on display; we had to fill out a form and present it at a counter and our purchases would be produced from a back room. Today there are attractive displays and cooking demos and tastings are offered at some of the larger outlets. Their free Food & Drink magazine is chock full of gourmet ideas and I actually look forward to it. It's a pleasant shopping experience, not some dirty little secret that should be kept under wraps.
Brewvies sounds like a cool place. I'd be interested in hearing how the lawsuit turns out.