Monday, July 20, 2015

Dinosaur and Gynoid Welcome Guests To The Weird Hotel

Henn-na Hotel (Weird Hotel) in Nagasaki, Japan is staffed almost totally by robots. Receptionists are a Japanese-speaking female humanoid or an English-speaking velociraptor in a bowtie. Guests check in on a touch panel screen and the "porter" is an automated trolley that takes luggage to the room. Don't worry about losing your key - the hotel uses facial-recognition technology that registers the digital image of the guest’s face during check-in.

More: Taipei Times
Thanks Bruce!


  1. Interesting touch...someone's idea of humour or perhaps commentary re: the lovely lady robot speaking Japanese and the vicious-looking dinosaur speaking English. :)
    As for the concept...much as I love being an introvert...I do really like sharing laughter & chit chat with people when enjoying my time out of the house.

  2. The whole operation seems very bare bones. No staff, refrigerators, telephones or room service. If you arrive early you cannot store your bags until check in. There is a bed making fee. Guest room temperatures cannot be adjusted. I hope robot hotels don't catch on.