When The Internet Hands You Spam Make Art!

Spanish photographer Christina De Middel found a creative way to deal with spam that arrived in her inbox. She carefully noted the details within, and created fictitious portraits of the imaginary senders.

Below is a message from spammer Sandrine Nzi:

Hello Dear,
My name is Sandrine Nzi. I will be 25 years old tomorrow. I am the unique daughter of the head (Late) Mr Joseph Nzi. My father was a gold miner of great reputation in the Ivory Coast during his days. It is sad to say that he passed away mysteriously during one of his trips of businesses nevertheless, its sudden death was tie or rather it suspects that it has been devised by my uncle who traveled there with him. But God knows the truth! My mother died when I was still a girl and, since then, my father took to me so special. Before its death, the speaker asked the secretary who accompanied him to the hospital and said to him that he had left in one of the main Bank the amount of US$10,500,000, in Abidj√°n, Ivory Coast. He also said to him that the money was deposited in my name . I am only 20 years and I am a student at the university and really don´t know what to do. Now I want an account outside where it can transfer this money in, this must to that I have undergone a great amount of reverses as a result of the continuous political crisis here in the Ivory Coast and of the familiar problems that made me flee from house of my late father and hide in a local hotel for the security of my life of the evil hand of my uncle which killed my father and some other members of my familyDearest, I am in a sincere desire of its urgent attendance in this Respect. Your suggestions and ideas will be very necessary, please, allow me to say to you what I want you to do for me. 1. You will help me to negotiate lucrative and legal investment for the money when it is reversed wisely, as you know that I am only one girl and do not have investment knowledge. 2. You will help me to assure a permission permanent residence in your country, for me to come there and to continue my education, whereas you will be careful of the investment that will be created by you. Most important of all he is so that you are a good partner, when the money arrives at its country.
Thanks to be there for me.Kindly, Sandrine Nzi
Below is a photograph of the spammer as De Middel imagines her:

The project is named Poly-Spam.

More at  Petapixel and at the artist's site.