Machine Feeds Stray Dogs In Exchange For Recycled Bottles

The Turkish company Pugedon recently introduced a vending machine in Istanbul that releases food and water for the city's stray dogs in exchange for recycled plastic bottles. When bottles are deposited at the top, food is released at the bottom. The Pugedon Smart Recycling Boxes operate at no charge to the city, and the recycled bottles cover the cost of the food.

What a clever idea!
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  1. How caring & generous.
    Rather sad that this type of thinking isn't more prevalent everywhere...not to mention here.
    Love how the kids were so into this.

  2. Some cities have a significant number of stray dogs roaming the streets. Years ago in Morocco I saw a young man fight a sick dog for a handful of potato chips a tourist had tossed on the beach. That image has stayed with me for 36 years.


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