Update On hitchBOT,The Hitchhiking Robot

Last month I posted the story of hitchBOT, the Canadian robot aiming to hitchhike from Halifax to Victoria. So far he has made good progress and has already made it to the Quebec border in his first 24 hours.
The robot has a rudimentary ability to understand human speech and can interact with drivers.
When they ask the inevitable “where are you going?”, for instance, the robot’s electronic voice responds. “I’m headed to Victoria BC, as far west as I can manage. Going my way?”

Should the driver ask why it is doing this, the machine is a bit more vague.“Just because. My family wants to see if it’s possible. I do hope I give them a good result,” it replies. 
If asked “what is love?”, the robot artfully dodges the question by responding “tell me what love is.

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