Monday, September 03, 2012

Brilliant and Thoughtful Parents

If only all parents were this thoughtful. I was just telling my son about my last flight from London to Toronto with two very badly behaved children screaming and kicking the back of my seat for 8 hours. Seriously, if these kids had been around in 1989 they could have been used to flush Noriega from the Holy See's embassy. Their mother made no attempt to quiet them and seemed unnaturally oblivious to the fact that they were annoying everyone within earshot. 


  1. Having also had 'children from hell' flights, I'd praise your thoughtful parents more if they opted to put the babies in a cargo pod.

    Or refrain from travelling with them until they at least reach the age of eighteen. Or maybe twenty-four.

    I sympathise with parents, but 16 hours in a cabin with screaming toddlers turned me into a red-eyed vengeful destroyer. If only planes had child-sized jettison-chutes, I think after the first few, you might find your child's intractable 'oppositional defiant disorder' might miraculously cure itself.
    (Mine was cured in certain lessons in direct correlation with the teacher in question's readiness to use a cane, umbrella, gym-shoe, or brass-edged boxwood ruler upon my pain-receptors).

  2. I'm flying to Ireland in October. I'll arm Mr. Nag with a cane and I will carry an umbrella.

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    Ripped off from reddit with zero attribution - congratulations!

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