Saturday, July 28, 2012

Niagara on the Lake Farmers' Market

I went for a 4 mile walk, ended up at the farmers' market at the edge of town and found that my friends Maddie (below) and Lil have a table there. They sell photo prints of letters of the alphabet formed by architectural objects in Niagara on the Lake. Have fun guessing where the photos were taken. We bought a letter "C" for an upcoming birthday.

Letters from Niagara

More Letters From Niagara

Home made natural soap from Garden City Essentials
smells great!

Sweet tunes courtesy of The Permtones

Wonder why they're called The Permtones?
Check out their hair.
 As you would expect in Niagara's fruit-belt there is a lot of yummy fresh local produce as well as artisanal bread, pastries, meats, jams, cheeses, handmade soap and more. You can get a great breakfast or  lunch and eat it at one of the picnic tables. It's definitely worth a visit if you're in NOTL.


  1. Photofarmers?

    Here in my home town the old market is losing its way, and stalls full of cellphone cases, and other assorted junk are taking over.

    Near home, there's a little farmers market, on the third saturday of the month, I usually forget, and arrive as they're packing it all up.
    I like markets, I like the interaction, the feel that producers are meeting customers, I'm less keen on the middlemen who buy from wholesalers.

  2. There are markets in the Niagara Peninsula that sell produce purchased at the Ontario Food Terminal in Toronto but this market is tiny and sells locally grown produce. I like wandering around markets: small ones in France, Borough Market in London, the market in Quebec City with produce from the Ile d'Orleans. I could go on forever but I'll spare you.