Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weird or what?

I was scurrying down Queen Street in Niagara on the Lake today and heard someone say, "I read a blog by someone who lives here. It's called Nag on the Lake." I hesitated for a moment because, as usual, I looked like the wrath of god. Oh what the hell I thought and chirped up "Hey I'm The Nag!" Sandra is a Rochester reader and was in town for the weekend with friends. What are the odds of me walking past just as she was mentioning my blog?
I feel famous!
Don't forget to send me the photo, Sandra, and I'll post it here.


  1. And what are the odds that any woman will ever say "I am the Nag!" Musta sounded kinda funny. Anyhoo, we'll all be able to say "We knew her when ..." now that you've become so famous that people are talking about you in public. :)

  2. When I told my hubby about this encounter he replied "Your name is on everyone's lips."

  3. ...better a glass of red wine on everyone's lips...

  4. You are famous, darling, and deservedly so! I mean, c'mon, you're The Nag on the Lake, need I say more?

  5. Next I'll have to be dodging paparazzi!

  6. I never meet famous people. Sigh. Imagine....Niagara, and actually bumping into The Nag!
    Priceless, but I'd bet nobody'd believe me.
    That would be like the time I met Mick Jagger in a fish and chip shop.

    "Blimey!", he cried, overawed, "As I live and breathe, is that not the infamous 'Soubriquet'?"
    "Well.... yes", I muttered, "Take ...THAT!", he yelled, punching me.
    I woke up three days later.

    The police were sceptical. "I've never run into a famous blogger in a fish'n'chip shop," said the sergeant... "but if I did, I'd punch 'em too. These damn bloggers are too damn clever for their own good. It'll end in tears, I tell you".

    Since then, I have resolved to attend bloggers anonymous and to seek a redemption from blogging.
    Not just yet, though.

  7. I guess I'm fortunate to have escaped with my life!

  8. Unfortunately she didn't email me the photo she took of the two of us.