Electronic Pickpocketing

So you know. Just in time for the gifting season.

It's called electronic pickpocketing and security expert Walt Augustinowicz says relatively new technology designed to make your purchases more convenient could put your credit card number at risk.
Mr. Nag's credit card company called him up last week to tell him his credit card had been fraudulently used to purchase $1000 worth of goods at Walmart. I don't know what hurt worse, the fact that his card had been compromised or that people might think he shops at Walmart.


  1. Aragh, that sucks. I had my card company call me two years ago to tell me someone used my card to buy less than $10 worth of stuff at a store in Florida. They immediately canceled my card and sent me a new card by overnight express.
    But after that, I had to wait for the bill, circle in red the fraudulent charge that THEY discovered, and mail it in with a NOTERIZED letter saying it wasn’t a legitimate charge.

  2. Scott3:52 am

    Passports in the U.S. are now made with similar (and just as easy to clone) RFID technology.


  3. Be scared. Be very scared.


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