Yet more photos of BA

Is anyone else old enough to remember these plastic hair curlers? This is a work of art created by a guy who does not believe in garbage. He has a whole stall full of similar creations at the Palermo flea market.

The dachshund appears to be the go-between in a face off between two gangs of canines

This corner apartment is my dream home (it's not the one we're staying in though).

Looking down from my 7th floor apartment I can see all the rooftop decks in the neighbourhood. residents of Buenos Aires love their tiny bit of green space and even modern high rises have spacious balconies with loads of greenery.

Here are some lemons growing on our deck. We also have lavender, lilies, azaleas, oleanders and some plants I could not identify. It's heaven sitting out there with a glass of wine after a day of walking. It cools off quickly though and we have to come inside to watch the sunsets.


  1. Sharktooth7:54 pm

    Looks like a neat place.
    How's the cost of living down there?

  2. It's pretty cheap for North Americans. Restaurants are a real bargain and the food and wine are amazing. Our apartment was in a great area and was half the price of a similar apartment in Paris. Although it was a 14 hour flight there was only a one hour time difference so there was no jet lag, just the usual complaints about Air Canada. I loved Buenos Aires and definitely want to go back. Contact me if you want more info.


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