Thursday, January 29, 2009

People Got a Lottta Nerve

I love Neko Case and I love animals so posting this is a win-win for me.
On tour I spend a lot of time in hotels I always watch TV on the treadmill, and so many times there'd be some horrible animal disaster -- somebody being mauled to death by a tiger or an elephant that rampaged. Those stories are so depressing, and the animal is always the one who gets murdered at the end. I don't know why people act so shocked. You got in the cage with the tiger, you were harassing it and then it f---ing killed you. It's a f---ing tiger. What the f--- were you thinking?"

Oh, but she's not done. "Then they shoot the tiger. That's hardly fair. It's a large predator. Or killer whales in zoos -- those things are supposed to swim 200 miles a day. It's like having a teenager and saying, 'OK, I'm gonna feed and clothe you, but you have to live in this refrigerator.' People say [zoos] are for the children, but why would you want your children to see sad, crazy animals?"

If you think Case doesn't have a similar soft spot for domesticated animals, until February 3 her record label will donate $5 to Best Friends Animal Society every time a blogger posts 'Nerve.'

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